Battle of the Bulge 1940’s Style.

Thank you Holly for posting this clip on my Facebook page!

REALLY? REALLY REALLY? Perfect make-up, not a hair out of place, not a mere bead of sweat or sticky bum prints left on gym equipment? (which by the way, in this clip look like giant epilators for removing excess hair)

And then there are those 1940s smiles and perfect lipstick, no contortion of facial features as if a leg is being sawn off without an anaesthetic… oh no these gals have class.

And then there are the gym shoes, or should we say gym heels…

Yes I’m jealous! 🙂

C xxxxx


Black Country Living Museum Meet-Up?

Image courtesy of Black Country Living Museum – CLICK HERE


Thanks to Caterina, I’ve just found out about a 1940s Weekend at the Black Country Living Museum on July 19 and 20, 2014.

I’ve ALWAYS wanted to visit the museum, it looks amazing so what better time to visit than during a day that happens to be 1940s themed!

And on that note I wondered if anyone has any plans to attend this event and if so maybe it might be a great opportunity for some of us ladies to get together for a cuppa tea and a chat? Chew the 1940s cud and that sort of stuff…?

Anyone going?

C xxx

Find out more about visiting the museum by CLICKING HERE


Polishing the Copper Kettle as therapy

Just thought I’d share my progress… most of the front is now done.

More polishing, less food….

It’s a Victorian Acorn top Copper Kettle circa late 19th century and can’t wait to use it as a prop in some  food photos.




Raisin Cake Lovingly Handmade by Lorna at the WI


At the Marple WI meeting last week, there was a table of Wartime Recipes the ladies at the WI had created. All looked wonderful but as I am a sucker for fruit cake and am a greedy girl, I reached for a big slab of the delicious looking ‘Wartime Raisin Cake’…

And yes, it was tasty and yes I would have eaten a second and third slice if I could have got away with it but as I was due to speak in front of a room full of women, it may have been impolite to stop mid speak to enjoy picking raisins out of my teeth.

Anyway, the Wartime Raisin Cake was ‘Lovingly Handmade by Lorna’ and she has the recipe in her blog so please take a moment to pop over there for a taste!

And thank you Lorna for being kind about my WI talk in your blog post too!


Hmmmm, maybe I’ll have to have a go at this recipe today, problem is I know it will be impossible to stop at one slice…

C xxx

To focus on the road ahead

546403_10151069264222361_581477650_nWas reminded rather sharply yesterday that I have to get back on track ASAP…

I found this photo I had used on the blog about a a year or so ago when my weight was about 3.5 stone/50lbs less than it is now. Currently I’m around the  20st 5lbs /285lbs mark… looking at the top image when I was about 25stone/350lbs I just cannot bear the thought of returning to that purgatory.

So at the moment I’m trying to get psyched, to slip into that frame of mind that exhibits focus and determination and perseverance so the lbs will once again start to be cast aside and each step becomes lighter.

I’ve got potatoes in the oven and plans to try a couple of new dishes out of old cookery books, and I’m sipping my first cuppa tea of the day (without milk).

I once read that to keep away from the food cupboard, keeping ones hands busy is a good technique. I’ve started polishing an old Victorian , acorn topped, copper kettle that Richard found in his attic (which belonged to his Mum)….


Everytime I feel the urge to raid the cupboards, I’m placing the copper kettle in front of me, reaching for the Brasso and cleaning a little patch at a time.  The beautiful copper colour is emerging, it’s true colours hidden away under layers of life but with a little TLC, determination and perseverance (much like the qualities needed to conquer a weight problem)  it’s brilliance will be restored..

One could learn a thing or two from this copper kettle.

PS Copper kettle updates on my Instagram

Winner of the Home Front Memory Pack


Brieana Kepley  CONGRATULATIONS! Your name was picked at random from over 90 entries. Wherever you are in the world please e-mail me ( ) your mailing address and I will pop the Home Front memory pack and replica newspaper in the post for you next week.

Thank you to everyone who entered!


C xxxx

Just updating some social media

Having a bit more time on my hands I’ve just been updating the things I’d put off…

Feel free to subscribe or follow any of these and I’ll keep an eye out and follow yours too – thanks xx


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Marple WI and overcoming a fear


Overcame one of the biggest fears in my life last night and stood up in front of about 65 people and talked for 1/2 hour essentially about the year (2012) I stuck to wartime rationing and lost 80lbs.

Marple WI were just lovely and very kind and despite the fact that I couldn’t feel my legs, sweated buckets and kept having to rush to the toilet to pee, I bloody did it!!! Joss was lovely and helpful and everyone very encouraging. Marple WI rock!!! Oh and they made loads of wartime recipes- had a huge slab of delish raisin cake!


wi3It was the first time I had ever been to a WI meeting in my life and let me tell you it was WONDERFUL! A cross section of ages, happy, welcoming and inspiring ladies! Richard was so impressed he said why on earth wasn’t there a WI equivalent for men and that men could learn a thing or two from these women!

He was right…

I’d strongly recommend that women sign up to their local Women’s 10323986_10152119059567361_6859324139491355192_nInstitute IMMEDIATELY!

Thank you Marple WI for a lovely evening and thank you Mr Tiddles for being with me there all the way and helping me face my fears…

C xxxxxxx

To find your nearest WI group – CLICK HERE


Home Front Memory Pack & Newspaper Giveaway


Thought it was time once again to give something fun away!

The Home Front Memory Pack contains a ration book, trading cards, household information, charts, tags, postcards, gas mask info and infact lots and lots of WW2 Home Front replica bits and pieces.

In addition I have a replica newspaper to giveaway too- take your choice of a newspaper announcing VE Day or news of the London Blitz.

All I ask you to do is leave a ‘yes please’  below and share (share tabs at bottom of post)  this post on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest (or if you don’t do these just send a friend a message who you think maybe interested)

A winner will be picked at random on Thursday (after I get back from the Women’s Institute talk in Marple)

Thanks again for visiting my blog

C xxxx



Cheap, nutritious, wartime recipes


Have been doing some research into Vitamin, Mineral and Protein content of some wartime recipes and just trying to push the fact that some are infact pretty nutritious and cheap and quick to make…

One of my favourites which I make quite regularly


A thank you to Cheryl who just posted an alternative Colcannon recipe from Nova Scotia, Canada. her grandmother used to make it for them!