Merry Christmas 2020

I wanted to take a moment to wish everyone a Merry Christmas, a few days late I know…Am sincerely hoping that you all had a wonderful day during these troubling times.

I know we are stoic on here, and are capable of dealing with many challenges that life can throw at us, we ARE survivors, BUT the last 9 months have been a slow, meandering, unmarked path through the woodlands with unknown obstacles to overcome, to conquer. With only glimpses of the winter sun finding it’s way to us through the momentary gaps that emerge through the trees on our paths, the journey seems dark at times, and unsettling, but those pockets of dappled sunlight, with their ethereal indications of a greater force, our nature, our planet, is comforting. We WILL see an end to these unprecedented times, we will have lived through history in the making, and we will be stronger.

Listen to me being all poetic. It’s hard to put these feelings into words so the paths, woodland and sunlight are metaphorical for the emotions I’m sure most of us are experiencing. After the gales last night, today I see bright sunlight so there is hope.

Every day life update

Am so grateful for time off over Christmas. I’ve been so grateful for my new job which I started in August, I’ve put my all into it, worked hard, worked out of hours improving my skills to bring to the job. Consequently, this impacts on time to blog as I’m finding myself rather exhausted at weekends and on catch up. TODAY is the first free day with nothing else that needs doing so I am doing what I love, BLOGGING!

The Pandemic Pantry Cookbook will be completed and am hoping with three more full free days ahead of me, it will be finished and distributed for FREE to anyone who wants one on January 8th 2021 (my 55th birthday!), and I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all those who submitted recipes. I wish I was able to have finished it sooner, there has always seemed like something else has had to take priority, maybe it’s just me.

Am full of hope and optimistic for 2021 and wish everyone the best of health and happiness for the year ahead.

C xxxxx

PS: I’m going to update my blog regularly with small diary like submissions with the occasional recipe. I think this will work better, I do so miss posting.