A little update…

Dear all, I hope everyone is teaming up for a lovely long bank holiday weekend!

I am hoping to get some filming and a recipe done early tomorrow morning with the hope of posting the video MONDAY night but this will all depend on a number of things! This time I am creating a FREE downloadable information leaflet to accompany the video as I know it might help a few other people like me who have struggled, really, really struggled with overeating and weight gain. I want this to be a REALLY helpful video and resource for people so if it takes longer it will.

Today I am working on personal stuff which could be life changing and I only have a short window to complete so my focus is on that today with the inevitable back log of chores to complete as well as cleaning out my guinea pigs!! I’ve had a hearty breakfast of toast topped with fried vegetables and I’m going to make another large stew to use up all the veggies in the fridge!

YESTERDAY I managed to get out of the house for a while (day off work) and visited Avebury and the standing stones. My packed lunch was a sandwich and a cold baked potato! I’ve been living on wartime rations nearly 8 months now, dropped 56 lbs and feeling a little happier and healthier EVERY SINGLE DAY.

Lots of love, C xxxx

7 month on WW2 rations weigh-in + before and after photos

Dear all, I’ve recorded a video regarding my thoughts and feelings around my weigh-in at 7 months living on WW2 rations.

There is so much to say, less time to write but I do promise to try and get more writing done. I have been keeping extensive personal diaries on this year and hope to share parts of them starting during my Christmas break. I hope the content will help people who are struggling with their weight or food addictions like me, or struggling with the cost of living too. This year has been such a journey for many, many reasons. So many of you have been such a support to me. Thank you.

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Also please take a moment to check out Sues Blog “A Smaller and Simple Life” – it’s a delightful blog and Sue will have WW2 rationing content coming up which I know will interest you!

Much love, C xxxx