A little update…

Dear all, I hope everyone is teaming up for a lovely long bank holiday weekend!

I am hoping to get some filming and a recipe done early tomorrow morning with the hope of posting the video MONDAY night but this will all depend on a number of things! This time I am creating a FREE downloadable information leaflet to accompany the video as I know it might help a few other people like me who have struggled, really, really struggled with overeating and weight gain. I want this to be a REALLY helpful video and resource for people so if it takes longer it will.

Today I am working on personal stuff which could be life changing and I only have a short window to complete so my focus is on that today with the inevitable back log of chores to complete as well as cleaning out my guinea pigs!! I’ve had a hearty breakfast of toast topped with fried vegetables and I’m going to make another large stew to use up all the veggies in the fridge!

YESTERDAY I managed to get out of the house for a while (day off work) and visited Avebury and the standing stones. My packed lunch was a sandwich and a cold baked potato! I’ve been living on wartime rations nearly 8 months now, dropped 56 lbs and feeling a little happier and healthier EVERY SINGLE DAY.

Lots of love, C xxxx

16 thoughts on “A little update…

      • Interesting fact no.354…

        The humble spud isn’t officially counted as one of your ‘5-a-Day’. I didn’t know that until fairly recently.

        Maybe people were tempted to add a bag of chips to their daily tally… LOL!

  1. Carolyn it is so lovely to see you happy and positive. The weight loss is great and you have really put so much effort into this way of eating. Making time for yourself is essential but not so easy to do sometimes. Women tend not to put themselves first, why is that I wonder? Why do we treat ourselves less than we treat others? Onwards and upwards darling girl. Sending love.xx

    • This is so very true June, a really good observation of women in general. it is very hard to get out of that mindset when you have put others first always but health and happiness is so important. Hugs xxxx C

  2. That’s an unusual breakfast! I’ve eaten a cold baked potato myself in
    the past. I must say your hair is a very nice colour. I wish my greying locks were as bright and shimmery silvery/ash blonde like yours!

      • I was using a coppery/strawberry blonde henna which looked so natural except my roots which are so much lighter than the rest ( the top of mt head crown are silvery ) and the henna couldn’t cover them up enough. So I had to make the sad decision to give into the ugly dull grey my hair now is. I had a male friend buzz cut my hair to take away all the lovely copper. 🙁 I have a 1930s style wig for going out and retro turbans for the house until it grows into the 1930s marcel length. then I will get my hairdresser to do something with the colour foils (after a patch test to check I’m not allergic to anything in it) to make it look some shade of blonde. Yours needs nothing! it’s very shiny and healthy looking.

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