Cheese and Potato Dumplings

Here is a fabby recipe that I use quite frequently. You can add herbs and spices to your own taste. I also find these dumplings, once refrigerated, can even be used to take in to work for a midday snack in your lunch box as they firm up quite nicely!

Cheese and Potato Dumplings

  • 2 lbs of potatoes peeled (set aside the peel to bake in the oven for another delicious snack)
  • 2 reconstituted dried eggs (or 2 fresh)
  • 3 to 4 oz strong grated cheese
  • salt and pepper
  • dried herbs such as thyme (optional)


Cook the potatoes in boiling salted water

Set aside to drain in colander for 10 minutes

Mash potatoes, return to saucepan over low heat, add seasoning and herbs, mix well

Add eggs and half the cheese, mix well again and stir until potatoes firm up.

Once cooled a little form into 10 balls and roll in the remaining grated cheese

Place on greased baking tray and bake in a hot oven for 20 minutes or so until browned and crusty

23 thoughts on “Cheese and Potato Dumplings

  1. I have made these dumplings in the past. They are SO delish! I had to quit making them because I ate to many – well, you know how that works…..

  2. That is SOOOOO true. I had them just this past week and it was supposed to be enough for 4 as part of a main dish- well you can guess the rest. Lasted for two meals (for just me) that’s all…


  3. And this is what I save potato peelings for if I HAVE to remove the skins from potatoes!

    Get the skins, drizzle them in oil or rub a little margarine into them, sprinkle with herbs and salt, spread out on baking tray and cook in a hot oven for 20 minutes or so until they start to crisp

    yum yum in my tum

    I HATE to waste anything!!!

    C xx

    • your no vegan i am part of the vegan society and have been for 5 years now i eat no meat at all you make me sick i hope you stop call your self a vegan stick to your pricables ever your a vegan or NOT btw margarine has cow milk in it ^^^^^^^^^^

      A Ture Vegen WiLL not eat MEAT CHEESE OR DRINK MILK

      • Dear Richard- I am a dietary vegan and have been so since October 1st, 2011. You are probably reading a recipe that I made prior to becoming a vegan.

        While I applaud your principles, it is people like yourself that give veganism and the Vegan Society a bad name by being so hostile to other folk before taking time to find out the full details instead of attacking me or others in such a hateful manner?

        You will see that since October 1st I offer alternative products to use such as Earth Balance dairy free margarine, almond milk instead of dairy milk, obviously no meat or fish and if people need a product to use instead of dairy cheese I have recommended Daiya (dairy free)

        And during the war people ate far less meat and dairy and although in an ideal world, they wouldn’t eat any at all, eating a 1940s rationing diet is a BIG STEP in the right direction, getting off the junk processed food, eating very small amounts of animal flesh and cheese and moving towards a mostly plant based diet…. anyone making the change to this from mindlessly consuming huge amounts from animal food should be APPLAUDED. It’s a step in the right direction!

        I am contacting the Vegan Society again as I still am waiting to hear from them regarding alternatives offered to Vegans during the latter part of the war (as you probably know the founder of the Vegan society formed it during the war and he used to produce a newsletter) and I’ll forward them a link to these comments- hopefully they can offer some input to 1940s veganism.

        And BTW everyday I work very hard indeed to be true to veganism.

        Kind Regards


      • Sweetie,
        Calm down, take a nap, and stop being such a trolling drama queen.
        Oh, and learn how to use the spell check.

        I know that when you’re very very young and full of wild/poorly considered enthusiasms you think that ranting at strangers half-cocked will save the world, but really it just makes you look like a pillock, and (more importantly) it undermines the credibility of those of us who have been at this a wee bit longer and have slightly more sense.

        Someone who’s probably been vegan longer than you’ve been breathing.

    • You are amazing! Thanks for the advice regarding baked potato peeling snacks! Ive gotten so many wonderful ideas from your website and I will try Marmite and aybe even Vegamite for use as spreads.

  4. This is a superb and tempting recipe. I shall be enjoying these cheesy dumplings tomorrow! And thanks for all the other recipes on the 100 War Time list. Really great stuff. Happy new year to all.

  5. These look realy nice – even cold maybe – but have found it really hard to find and buy dried egg – the supermarket staff look at me as if I am mad

  6. I tried to make these but something went wrong. When I baked them they spread out flat. Not sure what I did wrong. It didn’t go to waste though. I had started to make a Lord Woolton Pie so I used the potato dumpling/pancakes as the topping…it was a very tasty accident

  7. Just in the middle of making these at the moment to have with roast beef, steamed vegies, cheese sauce and a red wine, onion and prune gravy………….cannot wait……… that they are baked and not boiled like other dumpling recipes I saw! Will let you know how delishhhhhhh it is!!!

  8. Being long time and really committed vegan myself I do feel strongly BUT I dont feel the need to have a go at you nor anyone else. I do share, what I hope to be, bydgetband tasty vegan dishes to help others get over panic about vegans eat lettuce and I’m hungry!
    I am very happy you have decided to be vegan and good luck as there can be changes to learn that are a bit stressful for newbies.
    New fellah eh? A move, exams, a lot of changes and you’ll be busy so enjoy yourself and I am a vegan who enjoys your site and simply subs the ‘wrong’ thing. 🤗

  9. Old vegan here, never felt urges to have a go at others nor be rude like that. Being vegan does not equate to rabid dog. I just substitute, we all do.
    Vegans are not like that and it’s probably someone young, new to it and a big overcome.
    Great answer Caroline, I was really pleased to note your transition but used your recipes, my way, long since. No problems nor with the gf side mostly. So no need for pallava.

  10. This is one of my all-time favourite recipes. Growing up in the Uk in the fifties and sixties my mum would cook this and when she did I knew the world was a wonderful place and all would be well. Now I am in my twilight years in a beautiful little town in Canada and I am still cooking ‘cheese dumplings’ and all is good. Interestingly my Mum’s and, of course, mine incorporates a couple of pinches of nutmeg. And that is all. Oh yes one other thing as a kid it was served, no idea why, with Heinz tinned spaghetti. The tomato sauce worked well with the cheese. Suffice to say I resort to adding the tinned spaghetti. It’s not ‘haute cuisine’, not vegan but vegetarian (which is no doubt a step in the right direction); it’s just still wonderful. Thank you.

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