Spam Hash


When I opened a can of spam a couple of weeks ago I managed to make it stretch for 5 meals  (2 main and 3 lunches)..

Here was a simple one using a small amount of spam but it nevertheless gave a nice flavour (spam is very salty)

Spam Hash Ingredients (for 1 person)

  • 2 largish potatoes
  • 1/2 onion
  • 1/4 can of spam
  • blob butter/margarine


Wash potatoes

Cut into quarters and boil until firmly cooked, remove from water and cool

Chop onion

Chop up 1/4 can spam into chunks

Take large fying pan add in large blob of butter and heat

Add in onions and cook gently until nice and translucent

Take potatoes and chop them into smaller chunks

Add these and the spam chunks into the pan with the onions and continue to fry and stir

Turn down frying pan and cover if possible and continue to cook for another 5-10 minutes. At this stage you can add in some chopped tomato if you like. If the mixture is sticking too much add in a little bit of water and stir

Once cooked served with your favourite veggies!

Serves 1

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19 thoughts on “Spam Hash

  1. Reminds me of a dish I cooked when we were students………

    Chunks of spam fried with onion and mushroom – a tin of chicken soup poured over and heated and served with rice and peas.

    I even served it to friends once and called it Chicken Pillaf – one guest asked where the chicken came in! LOL XX

  2. Ahhhh student days ah! heheh.. and I BET that tasted good! You learn to make all sorts of great dishes as a student!

    PS I guess you had to imagine it was chicken!

    • Spam looks terrible and I REALLY didn’t want to try the stuff (after a bad initial experience with the stuff many years ago) BUT it was better than I remembered it. However I am sure I’d eat my own butt if I was hungry enough…. 🙂

      C xx

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  4. Spam is actually quite nice, and a staple with the Filipinos. We have it sliced and fried with garlic fried rice…For breakfast.

  5. My fav is to cut it real thin like how they cut garlic in good fellis then fry it with a side of scramble eggs

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  8. I am an American born in 1952. I do WW2 reenactments use various food receipts from both the USA and the UK. This is a good web site. I would rate it about 85 points out a possible 100 points. In it I found some interesting UK receipts. I think the author needs to go into a little more detail and maybe include photos of each receipts
    Modern SPAM (2020 AD) is not quite the same as the SPAM from 1960 AD. It has changed slightly in composition, taste, and additives. But, it is still a canned lunch meat that will go through Hell and still be usable. If I was starving, I would be happy with a can of SPAM,
    a can of fruit, a can opener, and a spoon.
    NOTE: S-P-A-M = SPiced hAM.

  9. Many individuals complain about SPAM, I would venture to say the majority of them were never poor or hungry. I love a good Fried Spam Sandwich or Hawaiian Fried Rice with Fried Spam Bits , Pineapple chunks, finely chopped Spring Onion mixed into the traditional Fried Rice.
    As a retired Chef Instructor and Emergency Preparedness Specialist. There is many a time I have made Hawaiian Fried Rice for the students or spectators without their ever knowing the fried ham bits were actually seasoned SPAM. When the were told, they were amazed how good it tasted.
    If it weren’t for SPAM, there would have been many a night growing up that there would have been NO MEAT in the meal. While serving in Viet Nam, my mom would send me the small cans of SPAM, cans of VEG-ALL and Ramen noodles. With some spiced, this made a wonderful warm filling soup in the middle of the night when standing duty. THANKS MOM.

  10. I make a similar dish. After boiling my potatoes (sometimes I use the microwave) I slice them, fry until brown and crispy. Meanwhile I fry my spam and onions in a a spoon of butter, then mix it all together. Sometimes I’ll even add a fried egg to the top of it. Delicious!

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