Turning my under stairs junk cupboard into a small prepper pantry.

We all have one of those junk cupboards right? Mine is a small one under the stairs and it was time to clear it all out and move my cans and some of my prepping supplies in there too.

I have over 150 cans that should be in there, properly sorted so I can use them in order! It took 3 hours to clear it out, recycle, rehome, dispose of and go through all my cans and put them in tubs. I made some stickers too. I will work my way through the expired tub over the coming weeks before moving on to the 2022 tub. The majority of the canned goods are red kidney beans, tomatoes, chickpeas, and baked beans which I use pretty regularly.

I do have other supplies outside the cupboard too in an empty unplugged fridge, under the bed and in tubs in the kitchen but having most of my cans sorted into tubs makes things a lot easier now. I’d love a walk in larder again one day but for now the under stairs cupboard will do!

I love seeing peoples amazing pantries, something I aspire to one day but for now tubs in an under stairs cupboard will suffice and feel grateful that I am able to stash away food and household supplies to get me through hard or difficult times should they arise.

Much love, C xxxx