Turning my under stairs junk cupboard into a small prepper pantry.

We all have one of those junk cupboards right? Mine is a small one under the stairs and it was time to clear it all out and move my cans and some of my prepping supplies in there too.

I have over 150 cans that should be in there, properly sorted so I can use them in order! It took 3 hours to clear it out, recycle, rehome, dispose of and go through all my cans and put them in tubs. I made some stickers too. I will work my way through the expired tub over the coming weeks before moving on to the 2022 tub. The majority of the canned goods are red kidney beans, tomatoes, chickpeas, and baked beans which I use pretty regularly.

I do have other supplies outside the cupboard too in an empty unplugged fridge, under the bed and in tubs in the kitchen but having most of my cans sorted into tubs makes things a lot easier now. I’d love a walk in larder again one day but for now the under stairs cupboard will do!

I love seeing peoples amazing pantries, something I aspire to one day but for now tubs in an under stairs cupboard will suffice and feel grateful that I am able to stash away food and household supplies to get me through hard or difficult times should they arise.

Much love, C xxxx

21 thoughts on “Turning my under stairs junk cupboard into a small prepper pantry.

  1. Buy one of the Postal Racks that is 3/4 the length OR the full width of your ‘pantry’ and you can store lots more in that cubby hole.

    • Thanks 🙂 I’ll have to check that out, the area is really small and steep slope so I think an shelves I could fit in would be about 3ft high and 4 ft long so only small, I’ll have to measure up xxxx

  2. So much work! I hate do tackle projects I have a lot of organizing to do. But you’ve given me inspiration to get it done! If you can overcome so can I. Thanks.

    • I have a couple of hidden away messy areas in my house where I just chuck stuff, so YES it is hard to get organised when no one else can see it but me. It feels lovely though to get this area done finally! xxxxx

  3. Looks great. The shelves in my understairs cupboard are my prepper pantry too. It doesn’t look as neat as yours, though. It’s also home to all the pet food, the ironing board, vacuum cleaner and mop etc.

  4. That’s a nice space, better that a lot of people have & you are making great use of it.

    I keep my prepper food under the stairs also, but we have to pull out the fridge, then unscrew a small door, to get to it! Other than the water heater, it was wasted space. I have cans & some beans in large heavy plastic kitty-litter buckets (the kind that hold 35 pounds!)

    I keep a separate list itemizing all that’s in there and the expiration dates. I have a bad and wasteful habit of letting cans get too old, but I’ve read you can use things longer than that “use by” date.

    Thanks for sharing!

  5. What a fantastic idea Carolyn! A great space put to good use. Food storage is very important now I think. I have a full pantry, storage under the bed, and in an empty wardrobe and spare bookshelves with food stacked as tight as I can. The bookshelves work well for storage.

  6. I’m jealous! My stairs go up and turn, so my under stairs space would just about suit a hobbit! I fit as much as I can into it but can only access it on my knees. It’s a really good idea to have some tins etc put away though.

  7. Well done on the sorting. My mum always said “Remember, It’s Best Before, not Poisonous After!” I would suggest that you save every glass jar that comes into you house (spaghetti sauce, jam jars, jarred fruit) and use the jars to store paper or cardboard packaged foods. They last longer and keep any bugs and rodents from spoiling the food. I vacuum sealed oatmeal, tea, coffee and dry foods in glass jars in 2015 that tastes the exact same as the day I put it in the jar.

  8. I can remember being stuffed into the understairs cupboard by my Mum with the gas meter and listening to the guns and bombs until the all clear, what a time that was. If that mad Russian throws something overseas an under stairs won’t be good enough. Alan

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