How I will save over £3,400 by eating WW2 rations for a year!

I’m living on a WW2 diet for a full year to lose weight (hopefully 100 lbs) and become healthier as well as fulfil my obsession with WW2 rationing and recipes. BUT there is another great reason to do this as well and that is it will save me over £3400! Watch my video to see how that breaks down and what I was spending and eating before.

Of course, in the months leading up to starting my year on WW2 rations (9th January, 2023) my eating had got out of control. Not only huge quantities of my main three (healthy) meals a day but the takeaways and junk food and constant need to snack in between was costing me around £85 per week which is just crazy! Literally feeding my addiction…

While saving £3,400 a year seems impossible for most, for me it will be a reality based on the last few months of 2022. I don’t smoke, I only drink on special occasions, I have no addictive vices except for food. But surely food itself can’t be blamed or can it?

My next blog post and video (coming soon) will be about ultra-processed foods in our modern diets and how the typical diet today compares with a wartime diet of yesteryear.

Massive hugs, C xxxx

3 Month Health Check Living on WW2 Rations

I’m going to be getting back to creating new recipe posts and WW2 rationing content very soon but first I thought it would be good to share what changes have happened regarding my health in the first 3 full months of living on a wartime diet.

Click above to watch my video on YouTube which explains everything and logs all the data for anyone who is interested, I’ve also taken a few screenshots and dropped them into the post below.

For anyone interested in who I do my blood testing with for Cholesterol, Vit D, Liver, Thyroid, Kidney, Diabetes, Protein, Iron, B12 and CRP etc. I’ve been doing an annual test with Thriva for several years now, full details are on the video but I have a link here which will tell you more.

It’s lovely to be pain free in my back now when walking and to generally feel happier and healthier just 3 months into my year long journey.

Hope you are having a wonderful Easter.

Much love, C xxxxx