Vegetable Stew Revisited- Video Clip

Today it was with new found enthusiasm, I returned to cooking and living on a wartime 1940’s ration based diet..

Full blog entry about the past 4 months coming soon!

Carolyn xx

1940s Experiment – You Tube Channel

Make sure to check out the 1940’s Experiment You Tube Channel where I’ll be posting some bits and pieces from the 1940’s Kitchen as well as displaying interesting WWII Ministry of Food films as well as items of interest from the home front as well as modern day discussions on following a 1940’s ration diet..

Click here for the 1940’s Experiment on You Tube

I’ll be back..

Click for great movie clip

Just wanted you all to know I am still here- things didn’t go the way I wanted these past months and I fell well and truly off the wagon but am coming back to continue the journey and my passion very shortly… I now have HIGH SPEED at home which although is not 1940’s is a much needed addition to our rural household to keep the blog updated with photos and videos.. YES videos are coming… should be fun!

So thank you so much for coming back and checking out the website. Am very determined to lose 100 lb despite setting myself back

Hope everyone is well and has tried cooking one or two of my 1940’s recipes!

Love to all

C xxxxx