How-to make a vintage style tiered cake stand

Today I was lusting after these fabulous cake stands for sale at ‘The Vintage Tableware Company’. I still harbour dreams of doing a 1940s Supper Club when the time is right and I’m finally settled (moving house in 7 days!) and would look adorable with my mixed vintage cups and saucers and tea plates.. alas my funds need to be used for real-life right now but it’s always lovely to dream..


And then I went to their website and saw this picture on the front page of their website above and thought THIS is what I want. A vintage/retro little shop selling beautiful, twee, feel good, yesteryear goodies… a 1940s shop. maybe even with a small tea-room attached…. oh yes


And then Melody on my 1940s Experiment Facebook page posted a link to a website that tells you how you can make your own, tiered cake stand made out of old plates and I thought if I had a drill I might give that a go. So I had to also share that here because I know you will love it- just like I do!


C xxx

What do you think of these then?

shoesFound these yesterday in the ‘British Heart Foundation’ Charity Shop for just a fiver!

I thought they were rather vintage looking and would go perfectly with my red dress (when I can fit into it so it looks good on me- its stretched tight right now!!)

The aim is to fit into the dress and wear the shoes (and the white gloves and vintage handbag I was gifted) to my first public speaking engagement at the Women’s Institute in May..

Gotta have goals… what are yours?

C xxx

Quick update

1601257_10151874903082361_689180876_nI’m so sorry…

Am getting ready for another house move so the coming weeks, before and after we move again, will be very busy..

I had a lovely birthday and got beautiful flowers and lots of nice other bits and pieces

I’ve been cooking lots of veggie stews and trying to get back into the stride of things again, especially exercise wise.

The day after my birthday I started to experience an allergic reaction, around my eyes. Had a tough week, sore and itchy then all of a sudden, BAM! My eyes ballooned overnight, very swollen and raw and painful. The doctor diagnosed a severe allergy to make-up and I’ve been on steroid tablets, cream and double anti-histamines and wearing big, dark glasses!1477408_10151888471197361_1757621177_n

My eyes are now on the mend and the swelling and redness has gone, just left with eyes that are very dry and wrinkly!!!

Love C xxxx