Quick update

1601257_10151874903082361_689180876_nI’m so sorry…

Am getting ready for another house move so the coming weeks, before and after we move again, will be very busy..

I had a lovely birthday and got beautiful flowers and lots of nice other bits and pieces

I’ve been cooking lots of veggie stews and trying to get back into the stride of things again, especially exercise wise.

The day after my birthday I started to experience an allergic reaction, around my eyes. Had a tough week, sore and itchy then all of a sudden, BAM! My eyes ballooned overnight, very swollen and raw and painful. The doctor diagnosed a severe allergy to make-up and I’ve been on steroid tablets, cream and double anti-histamines and wearing big, dark glasses!1477408_10151888471197361_1757621177_n

My eyes are now on the mend and the swelling and redness has gone, just left with eyes that are very dry and wrinkly!!!

Love C xxxx

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  1. Belated happy birthday! Poor you, these allergies are so sore, hope the magic medi works soon, the things we do to be beautiful. Have to try 1940s makeup, think it was a thin smear Vaseline on eyebrows and luscious red lippy, gorgeous, not forgetting face powder to stop the “shine”. Good luck with the house move, will be thinking of you.

  2. Ohmigosh Carolyn, I knew you’d said you’d had a reaction, but I’d no idea it was so extreme. Poor you 😞 Good to hear meds worked x

    Glad to hear you had a lovely birthday – hope your card arrived?

    Good luck with your move, hope it is the last for sometime x

    • Oh gosh Lesley- so sorry for my ignorance!! The GREAT!!! Thank you!!! xxx Heehee! I do apologize- just been a bit preoccupied xxxx

  3. Except for the eyes, you look like all the busyness is suiting you! You look great–especially when you accessorize with flowers! 😉

  4. Oh you poor thing – that looks horrible. I have had itchy eyes, and body, for the past couple of weeks. I wonder if I should change my products. Sometimes that is enough. Or it might be something that is common to all of them, like perfume. Glad to hear you’re on the mend now.

  5. Good health and abundant success in your year ahead; I hope your eyes are better soon. Every good wish for your new home.

  6. Wow, that’s an impressive reaction, I hope it has now gone down – those steroids are amazing in these situations.

    I’ve just been reading your wartime recipes and so many I remember. I was brought up by my grandma and I was fed versions of most of these. I was interested by the comment of the dangers of all the dripping in the food. I don’t think many people are aware of the hidden fat they stuff into themselves, completely unawares! All the fat in those recipes is there up front, nothing sneaked in and all balanced for maximum food value.

    I have a recipe I wondered if you might like it. So quick and tasty, 20 minutes! 1 teaspoon of olive oil, grate into it a clove of garlic and a tiny pinch of chill flakes, sizzle and add one tin of chopped tomatoes per person with sea salt to taste. There are two of us with more maybe more garlic!

    While that comes to the boil weigh 75 grams wholemeal pasta per person and put into a pan of boiling water – I have the kettle full and ready. Cook, usually about 13 or 14 mins for me, drain.

    I simmer the sauce uncovered so it reduces, taste it. I find sea salt means I don’t need a cube but make it to your taste. I mix the two, put it into a bowl and serve.

    I sometimes add a can of cheap red beans, cooked veg languishing in the fridge, cauliflower or broccoli.

    It is quick, cheap, tasty and filling. Best thing – hardly any calories and chock full of goodness.

  7. I forgot to say, it also works well with supermarket value pasta. When we had to go onto ultra thrift mode we ate a lot of that!

  8. Hi, Carolyn, 🙂

    I really like your blog and have visited it often since discovering it a few years ago. I just wanted to say that the same thing happened to me with my eyes several years ago, and I couldn’t wear eye makeup for a while, but this condition did pass, and, although I am careful, I can wear a full range of eye makeup now. So be patient — I know it’s hard! 🙂

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