Bread and Apple Pudding

So today our family main meal was a large potato floddie, served with some mince in a thick gravy and veggies.

For pudding the request was for ‘bread pudding’ yet again. To avoid this wartime pudding permanently being referred to as “bread-pudding-yet-again” I turned to a large bowl of sorry looking apples for divine inspiration- after-all Sir Isaac Newton stared at apples for an awfully long time before being rewarded with an answer…

Sir Isaac Newton stared at apples for an awfully long time before being rewarded with an answer…

After a few minutes of thinking (doesn’t take long as my brain is quite small really..) the answer came easy. Use the scabby, bruised apples, grated straight into the bread pudding mixture. And so I did…

This dish even surpassed the original bread pudding recipe. The apples gave it another taste dimension.

As I have used the word NOM, NOM, NOM! way too much just recently, and fabby and yummy way too much in the past, I had to come up with a word to describe the feeling, within my being while consuming this delicious dish.

It was…….. toe licking tingly (don’t ask)

Bread and Apple Pudding

  • 10 – 12 slices of bread ( stale is fine!)
  • 2 ounces of margarine or butter
  • 2 ounces of sugar
  • 2 ounces of dried raisin sultanas
  • 1 beaten egg (fresh or dried)
  • 1 large grated apple
  • milk to mix
  • cinnamon
  • extra sugar for topping


1. Put chopped up bread (cut/tear into small chunks) into a basin and add a little water. Leave for a few minutes.

2. Squeeze bread out until fairly dry

3. Return bread to empty basin and add all the other ingredients (except spice) adding a little milk to make a sticky consistency

4. Add cinnamon a little at a time until your own taste

5. Place mixture into a greased pan

6. Cook at 175 degrees C for an hour or so until edges are browned and centre is hot

7. Sprinkle sugar on top 10 minutes before end of cooking

8. Allow to cool a little, slice and serve

Serves 6- see below!

Potato Floddies

‘Potato floddies’ are nom, nom nom! (sorry there was no other description that fitted the bill)

Potato floddies are 1940s junk food… only to be used when you need something quick, tasty, a little greasy and are missing those trips to the nearest fast food establishment when only fried potatoes will fill the void.

Floddies can be cooked and spread with jam or cooked with a pinch of mixed herbs, salt and pepper for that hash brown taste.

Floddies are flippin fantastic! NON, NOM, NOM!

Potato floddies

  • 2 large potatoes, scrubbed with skins on
  • a little flour
  • salt & pepper
  • pinch of mixed herbs
  • butter, margarine or dripping for frying


1. Grate your scrubbed potatoes into a large bowl (coarse)

2. Add in salt and pepper and herbs

3. Sprinkle in flour and stir, keep adding until a batter begins to form and starts to bind together the grated potato

4. Non-stick pans work best, place fat into pan and heat on medium/hot

5. Drop in a large spoonful of the floddie mix and press down to flatten out

6. Fry until browned on one side (a few minutes or so) and turn. Fry the other side

7. Remove from heat. Eat!!!

Each potato makes about 3 floddies so this recipe makes 6 or more floddies!

“This post is part of Twinkl’s VE Day Campaign, and is featured in their Best Wartime Recipes to Celebrate VE Day from Home post”


I am alive…honest!

NO blog for 3 weeks, No brushy hair for 2 days, no massive weight loss and STILL no man to snog, but I am alive... Yahooo!

I can’t believe its been a few weeks since I’ve updated my blog…..

I posted this piccy from the webcam now so you could see that in the three weeks of non-blogging I HAVEN’T returned to being a full size Jabba the Hutt but have remained at Jabba’s Slightly Slimmer Sister level… still nearly 70 lbs to lose before mid August (which will be the one year up)

Since the Christmas blip I have only lost a few lbs BUT there is light shedding itself in my direction….. HB Studios Fieldhouse and FREE walking passes. As most of us already know, people living through the war were very active in comparison to how we live our lives today. My job as a web manager for a local newspaper/ media group has me sat on my arse 8 hours a day and then when I get home at least a few more..

Because of my obesity I find it almost impossible to run or participate in very aerobic exercise BUT I can walk. And that is what I have been doing at my local sports centre with my friend and work colleague Jana. I think this is REALLY going to help..

Apologies for not posting JULIA’s recipe. I will do that tonight and please pop back for a TON of recipes I have been working on as well as weigh in updates and even how you can save LOTS OF MONEY by following a WWII rationing diet.

C xxx