Finally some weight loss


6lbs off this week.

FINALLY the scales move in the right direction 🙂 Am so not going to blow it this time!

After putting all my weight back on and more (was back up to 310 lbs not so long ago – over 22st!) am currently at 292lbs (20st 12lbs). I’ve been working my ass off for weeks doing treadmill at the gym 3/4 times a week and doing long walks.

It’s the eating I’ve been having problems with- I reach for food seemingly for anything, when happy, when stressed, when anxious, when celebrating things, when rewarding myself with a treat.

These past few days I’ve been incorporating 1940s ration book eating back into my life again and you’ve guessed it, pounds have started falling off. Will have to make another large stew tonight! Have a nice large fresh salad for work today! Sorry for the ramble!



An a very sad note- I’ve been working on a tribute page to Marguerite Patten who sadly passed away on June 4th aged 99. It was only reported in the media last weekend. Just thought she would be on planet earth forever, she nearly was! I’ll let you know when the page is live.