Finally some weight loss


6lbs off this week.

FINALLY the scales move in the right direction 🙂 Am so not going to blow it this time!

After putting all my weight back on and more (was back up to 310 lbs not so long ago – over 22st!) am currently at 292lbs (20st 12lbs). I’ve been working my ass off for weeks doing treadmill at the gym 3/4 times a week and doing long walks.

It’s the eating I’ve been having problems with- I reach for food seemingly for anything, when happy, when stressed, when anxious, when celebrating things, when rewarding myself with a treat.

These past few days I’ve been incorporating 1940s ration book eating back into my life again and you’ve guessed it, pounds have started falling off. Will have to make another large stew tonight! Have a nice large fresh salad for work today! Sorry for the ramble!



An a very sad note- I’ve been working on a tribute page to Marguerite Patten who sadly passed away on June 4th aged 99. It was only reported in the media last weekend. Just thought she would be on planet earth forever, she nearly was! I’ll let you know when the page is live.


9 thoughts on “Finally some weight loss

  1. Congratulations on keeping up with the walking. The eating part is so very hard, isn’t it? A doctor told me not long ago “the eating is 80% of how much you weigh” I struggle every day. Good luck!

  2. Glad to see you back. Stay positive. I know what a struggle it is to lose weight and to keep it from coming back! I’ve regained all my weight and am now trying very hard to eat healthy and lose it again. Each time I put it back on, it seems that much harder to lose it! But, WE will succeed!
    I was also saddened to hear of Marguerite Patten’s death. I have several of her books. She was a marvelous lady. RIP.

  3. Congrats! Am just getting back into the 1940s swing of things myself after putting on a few pounds. Keep positive!

  4. People who are overweight are STARVING because food today is almost completely devoid of nutrition. We can’t possibly eat enough food to satisfy the need for nutrition so we keep packing it in and getting nothing out of it. If you are able to grow enough of your own “Nutrient Dense Vegetables” there wouldn’t be a problem, but that is rarely possible. If you have access to a farmers market, that would be better than what most of us get in the grocery store, but the only way to get more nutrition without an enormous amount of fiber is to juice your vegetables. When you make a habit to drink a large glass of fresh juiced vegetables in the morning, you will find that your body is satisfied and the hunger fades for longer periods of time. Keep in mind that you have been STARVING for years and it will take time to catch up. There are many juice recipes, but the best advice I heard was never mix more than 5 ingredients because too many might not taste too good. One of my biggest hurdles was learning to always leave something on the plate no matter how hungry I think I am.

  5. Good to hear from you again.
    I’m sure you’ll find what works and rejoice in sticking with it.
    Good health to you.

    • Thank you very much Valerie- I think anyone who struggles with their weight knows its going to be a struggle for the rest of their lives so I accept that there are going to be successes and failures… xx

  6. Carolyn, I really have to admire your never-give-up attitude! You’ve had a major setback, but you’re right back on the horse and getting on with it. I love the idea of using the war rationing programme as a way of ensuring a proper diet while limiting one’s intake. And look at all your followers — the idea has obviously captured our imaginations.

    On a sadder note, thank you for posting the obit for Marguerite Patten. She was a remarkable woman, decorated for her great contribution to the war effort. I have just been reading her Victory Cookbook during the past year. A life well lived.

  7. Congrats Carolyn, it’s always lovely to see a post from you. Well done on keeping up with the gym, I actually find exercise the hardest part. I was so sad to read about Marguerite’s passing, I don’t think she received the acclaim she deserved. Looking forward to reading your tribute, have a great day xx

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