On the Homefront Weekend at Rufford Abbey 2015

I wore the dress!

It was two sizes too small (size 20) but thank goodness it was stretchy as I plucked up the courage and wore it anyway. It was just LOVELY to get dressed up in 40’s style for the first time to an event and if anything, it’s given me more reason to keep working at losing the weight to do more dressing up next year!

First of all I am being brave and posting the photo that I DON’T want anyone to see. BUT it’s the photo that will remind me that I still have at least 100 lbs to lose…


And here are some other ones..


And here are the photos you REALLY need to see! Some FANTASTIC re-enactors and people just dressing up for the day! The full album of over 80 photos is on my 1940s Experiment Facebook page – CLICK HERE


Kale is the new doughnut…


It feels great to actually be craving a big plate of veggies after coming back from the gym rather than cheese or chocolate (am not eating both right now).

Only a short session tonight which consisted partially of walking at 5.5 – 6 kmh at a 5% incline on the treadmill. It was only 4 months ago that I couldn’t even walk 1/2 mile without having to sit down (because of back pain) and that trying to walk at anything but dead flat on the treadmill made me feel like I was going to die!! LOL! Just shows how you can change things around pretty quick if you just keep persevering!

I’ve a LONG way to go in this weight loss journey to be at a healthy weight, probably another 100 lbs to get into the mid 160 lbs BUT every little lb and every little healthy choice over a processed food makes a difference.


It will ALWAYS be a battle here. It’s like an addiction. My mouth watered at work today as doughnuts were being passed around the office and imagined it felt somewhat like someone with an alcohol problem craving for a drink (and everyone around them is drinking). I sooooo could have eaten one, but then it would have been 2 or 3 or 4 – hell I’ve eaten 14 in one go before!!

It’s hard saying NO but I’m learning to do that more in all aspects of my life and that is a good thing. I am slowly becoming a stronger person.

So it’s 9 pm, I’m tired. Tomorrow I have a health check at my doctors so I have the day off work and I think I’ll start the day with moving another step closer to becoming healthier and head over to the gym again. Oh and my plate of sauted kale, leek and tomatoes, that I just ate now was delicious and I really mean that.

KALE IS THE NEW DOUGHNUT! Well definitely for me anyway… 🙂


The Complete Series of ‘Wartime Kitchen & Garden’

Join Ruth Mott and Harry Dodson as the show us how they managed during WW2. Enjoy the complete series of ‘Wartime Kitchen & Garden’ below!


We are doing a marathon in 2 weeks time…


We (my eldest daughter Jess and I) are raising money for Cancer Research UK by taking part in the first women’s only Marathon on October 4th. We have been training hard for 4 months and overcome some obstacles along the way but we are aiming to complete the 26.2 miles at a brisk walk (and some jogging) in 8 hours to raise money for a cause we are passionate about. Every £ counts so we welcome any donation.


We know the day itself will be so very inspiring…

Thank you so much C xxxx


Final touches to my 1940s outfit…


Today I bought the final touches for my 1940’s outfit. I bought an original 1940’s marcasite brooch for the same price as a modern reproduction (£5), a vintage style pearl necklace and some little pearl earrings.

Tonight my daughter is going to tidy and thin my eyebrows and tomorrow am going to be practising my make-up and hair-do!

I have daring bright red lipstick and nail polish too!

Am laughing quietly at how excited I am getting about getting dressed up (seeing as I live in trousers, baggy tops and trainers) and am NOT going to let that fact of my large size and too tight dress stop this happening.

C xxxx

The 1940s House – Complete Series

I’ve just noticed this on YouTube so thought I’d post the link on here. It’s a brilliant TV series, I’m sure you’ve seen it but just incase you haven’t you NEED to!!

C xxx

Colcannon at 9 pm – Nothing tastes better!


Tonight, nothing in the whole wide world tastes better than Colcannon. Steaming hot, mashed, baked, peppery loveliness…

It’s been a long day which included work, commuting, grocery shopping, a session at the gym, making Colcannon, baking Colcannon and then eating Colcannon at 9 pm.

And I’m writing this blog post instead of washing up… that can wait because now with my tummy full, I’m going to curl up in bed with a book (yes probably a recipe book) and then hopefully drift off and dream of a way to fit into my dress for next weekend.

My shoes arrived, at least THEY fit!

C xxx


Craving Colcannon at 6 am.


I am CRAVING Colcannon (yes even at 6 am) so I think this is what I’ll cook tonight at eat at 8 pm once I get back from work and have been to the gym!

Have a great day! C xx

My 1940’s outfit has been assembled but my dress doesn’t fit…


I’m really, really wanting to dress up in a simple vintage style for a 1940’s event this year as I’ve never done that before. I have my eye on the event I attend every year, the “On the Home-Front Weekend” at Rufford Abbey but there is one problem… despite my concerted efforts at weight loss and buying the biggest dress I could in a style I liked, my dress STILL DOESN’T FIT!!!

Well it does fit, if a breathe in but being the big girl I am, bending or twisting would probably mean a broken zipper and an embarrassing mountain of flesh spilling out.



I’ve even bought those huge black hold it all in knickers for apple shapes (but let me tell you that even those don’t even give me a hint of a waist). They are selling in Sainsbury’s for £8, my determination has no boundaries. I will try anything (except not eat food!).


I’m trying on my dress every other day at the moment, just to see if there is hope on the horizon.

I’ve been looking back on last years photos, at the mostly much slimmer ladies looking beautiful and wishing I’d knuckled down much, much sooner.


Moan over, if that’s all I’ve got to moan about in my life (which I can totally resolve with willpower and determination) then I am counting myself a very lucky lady.



C xxx

7 Day Wartime Food Diary – Day 7

rationing1A photo the Daily Mail took of my Lord Woolton Pie and other wartime treats I cooked last year

Well yesterday was my last final ‘7 Day Wartime Food Diary’ day. It involved a day of work and feeling tired because I just couldn’t sleep on Sunday night (despite my best efforts, about 3 hours) but managed an early night last night. This morning, as I’m writing this, it’s 3 am and I just HAD to weigh-in as the anticipation was killing me!

Weekly weigh-in: 267.8 lbs ( 19 st 1 lb )
Total weight-loss since May: 42.2 lbs (3 st 0.2 lbs )
Total weight-loss from my heaviest weight: 82.2 lbs

That’s EXACTLY 5 lbs off this week and exactly what I wanted. HAPPY!! That’s 5 lbs less to walk the marathon with and my clothes a smidgen loser and above all, one small step closer towards being a healthier person.

On that note, time to go back to bed for another hour or so if I can!

Thanks for all your encouragement and support and I do hope your journey’s this week have been good ones!

C xxx


Breakfast: Organic rolled oats with several prunes and soy milk (400 cals – 13 g protein)
Lunch: Leftover ‘Savoury Meat Pie’ (300 cals – 12 g protein)
Snacks: 3 large apples, a handful of raw nuts and a small egg free pancake my daughter made and 1 plain biscuit from Brittany brought in by a work colleague. (600 cals – protein 8 g)
Dinner: Leftover ‘Savoury Meat Pie’ again (now all gone!) with dark green cabbage, and gravy (400 cals – 14 g of protein)

TOTAL CALORIES 1700 ish – Protein 37 g ish