Hire me in an advisory capacity

I’m available in an advisory capacity most weekends, for any documentary, movie, or any form of media regarding rationing and WW2 food and recipes. Whether you need authentic recipes to be recreated or to provide guidance, menus, and/or information on food eaten during the war, please contact me at 1940sexperiment@gmail.com

If you are interested in having a guest writer on your blog, or need a historical food writer and photographer for your magazine please contact me at 1940sexperiment@gmail.com

Who I’ve worked with recently
Channel 4 – Appeared on Four in a Bed (Judging WW2 bakeoff)
Daily Mail – Recipes for article
Waitrose Magazine – Interview and creating WW2 recipe for photography for feature article.
BBC History Magazine – Providing recipe.

Are you interested in creating a successful blog? Do you need help setting up a blog and some guidance to get started and some advice on how to make your blog successful? Please contact me at 1940sexperiment@gmail.com

15 thoughts on “Hire me in an advisory capacity

  1. Very interesting! I wish you the best of luck in your “journey”. I am on a diet of my own making and have lost 50 of the 140 pounds I slated myself to lose. It’s definitely an interesting concept!

  2. Hey Melissa- thanks for your comment! Congratulations on losing 50lb….that is amazing as I KNOW how hard that is! I only hope I can do as well this time around!!!

    Well I figure if you have to lose a whole bunch of weight then it may as well be in a way you find interesting so I have turned my weight loss into a project or a culinary social experiment of sorts if you like…. I do hope to lose at least 100 lbs this time around.

    So how are you losing your weight? Are you finding it difficult, do you have to work hard on it everyday so not to fall back into old eating habits? What has inspired you to do so?

    C xx

  3. Dear Maam,

    I stumbled across your blog and I just wanted to say may G-d bless you and your efforts. Thank maam for inspiring me to get off my duff and get healthy as well. I looked at only a few pages, your 100 reasons page resonated with me, I know how it feels. I don’t know how long you’ve been at it this time – I see only 3 months of archives, and I see a major change in you. Yes, I’ve noticed the weight is falling off, but I’ve also noticed your eyes are brighter and you look happier. Your sparkling eyes have inspired me to bring back the light in my own. You can do this, you ARE doing this. And I admire that. Thank you for sharing your journey. I guess knowing someone else is on the same journey will help me to continue on mine.

    A mother of 3

  4. What is going on here…I was hoping to find information about somebody following the rationing diet, but the link doesn’t work, so I guess this didn’t happen, right? So what is the point of this blog? Just trying to make some money with a lot of lies or what?

      • Pay the silly git no mind… What you’ve accomplished is brave, inspirational and a guiding light to so many. A lot of these sort of people seem to be cropping just to make pointless remark… for what I assume is entertainment value. As my mother always says, don’t sweat the petty things and don’t pet the sweaty things.
        You’re ruddy Marvellous dear… don’t change!

      • Thanks Rationing Revisited…I just try and let ignorant comments like this wash over me. Thanks for saying something though xxx

  5. Keep up the good work, Carolyn..I think you are doing a fantastic job, both with this site, and with your weight loss. I’m looking forward to trying some of the recipes myself:)

  6. My Mother used to make mock cream during the war, and I remember I
    enjoyed it to such an extent that when real cream became available after
    the war I didn’t like it.
    Her recipe is as follows:-

    “Pour off 1/4 pint of top of the milk into a warm basin. Add a couple of drops of vanilla essence and a level dessert spoonful of castor sugar.Melt 2 ozs unsalted margarine and add to the milk. Beat with an egg wisk. At first the mararine will float on the to p, but as you continue beating it will turn into a thick cream.”

    I have never made it partly because I think she refers to the top of the milk
    meaning the cream that would form on the top of the bottle in the old days.
    Has anyone any ideas about this.

    • That’s right. Almost all milk now is homogenised, which means the fat is forced to be evenly distributed throughout the milk. This means the cream doesn’t rise to the top of the milk and more fat gets kept IN our bodies with the milk consumed, than passes out of our bodies (I’m not a ‘oh no the world is ending type, but it is true. Good or bad, you make the call).

      I’m 34 and milk wasn’t homogenised like this when I was a child. It really started when milk carton packaging as we know it now was invented.

      You need to buy direct from a supplier – or find a milkman – to get un homogenised milk now. If you’re still in the UK, try Milk & More to find a milkman, a farmer’s market or Waitrose.

      If you can find ‘real milk’ then it’s also very easy to make basic cheese. I can pass over a few links if you’re interested in that (tweet me if you are).

  7. I think this absolutely fabulous…
    I came along this site searching for a traditional 1940s birthday cake I could bake for a piece of college work. As well as finding a recipe I can’t wait to try out, I have also found another diet I can try to help shift my spare 40lbs 🙂

    Thank you for putting this fabulous site together and good luck with the rest of your journey.

    Kirsty Marie
    Northallerton, England

  8. Hello Carolyn,
    I am not sure how this happened but I seem to be receiving all your emails to my email address. They are addressed to the1940sexperiment. Is there somewhere on your website where an email address needs to be updated from mine to yours?
    Hope to hear from you,

    Samantha Elley

    • Hi Samantha, the only email addresses I have displayed are my own as I’d never display anyone else’s for fear of spamming. This sounds like you may be receiving spam from a spam bot? What are the emails saying? Do they look like spam? Thanks so much. .if you can take a screenshot of one of the emails and email that to me that would be great..am just curious but it does sound like it’s some bot spam xxx

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