7lbs off and laser scanning the Lancaster Bomber

One helluva positive week! (although poor Richard is trying to recover from a very nasty episode of shingles)

I’ve reassessed, rebooted, recharged and rid myself of 7lbs after a detoxing week of mainly raw fruit and veg and lots of water! Now I feel sufficiently in control, ready and motivated enough to return to my wartime eating plan…well try and work it around my life.

And as I type, it’s my lunch time at work and I’ve just finished putting up a news article about the ‘Lancaster Bomber’. Our 3D Laser Scanning department at work, had the opportunity to be part of keeping the only two remaining Avro Lancaster Bombers flying. Replacement parts are very thin on the ground and in some cases near impossible to get hold of. By scanning rare, historical parts, they can create a highly accurate CAD file from which new parts can be manufactured. This will keep the Lancaster Bomber flying!