Feature on my blog in Waitrose Weekend!


Waitrose have a FREE magazine/newspaper in store which is great because it has lots of recipes and food related articles in it every week.

This week until Wednesday, their weekly newspaper contains a double page spread on rationing during WW2, and my blog! I always like to do these things if asked as am passionate about getting back to basics and the promotion of food in its natural state rather than using processed foods for health and wellness. We all know how addictive processed foods and snacks are (am living proof of that!!!).

Anyway – it’s quite a good article with some factual information in it that you may like to read (I’ll try and take a high res photo later and upload it so you’ll be able to read it).

It was also great to re-create an ‘Apricot Mock Flan’ for the photoshoot and I’ll post the recipe for that including the photos I took later.

I’m just off to the gym right now for a couple of hours. See you on the flip side!

Lots of love

C xxxx


Merry Christmas.


Just wanted to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and hope your day tomorrow is filled with happiness and love.

I am so very sorry for my recent lack of commitment to my blog. I feel so frustrated with my lack of time to do the things I feel driven to do but I am going to formulate a plan to try and fit more time in to post and communicate more regularly. I have REALLY appreciated the continued support, messages and comments.

Thank you and have a lovely day tomorrow with those you love xxxxxx C

Homemade Christmas decorations- tree stars

Here is a lovely way to make pretty tree stars out of old Christmas cards . I think in wartime Britain during the 1940s people would have made lots of homemade decorations out of card or paper! – Hope you enjoy this blog post from 2012!  For full step by step instructions to make these tree stars click here  C xxxx

The 1940's Experiment


A  few readers asked how I made some really simple but pretty “tree stars”..

Our Christmas this year, is as always frugal, but also has more of an emphasis on homemade, so we are enjoying trying some money saving ideas out and decorating our place festively, making do with what we’ve got.


Last week, I noticed a link on a friends Facebook page, to an article on how-to make homemade paper stars. Initially looking at the design it seemed like it would be terribly fiddly and complicated but I gave it a go. The  first one was a little fiddly but the second and third were quick and easy and looked delightful once I had hung them up on our Christmas tree .

I made mine from standard white printer paper as I thought they would look nice against the green of the tree but you could make them from…

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Armistice Day – 2 minutes silence at work.

I got my phone out and took a quick video today during our two minutes silence at work. When I played it back and saw some of the young faces in the video, people I work with, it brought a few tears to my eyes thinking how awful it must have been that so many young men lost their lives during WW1.

It’s important to never forget such selfless acts… C xxxx

Subscribe to the 1940’s Christmas Countdown!

Christmas is literally around the corner and from now until the big day, once a week, I will be posting a 1940’s Christmas Wartime Recipe or Do-It-Yourself 40’s Christmas Craft.

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This weekend will be part 1 of a ration book Christmas cake from a wartime ‘Ministry of Food’ recipe pamphlet.(photo above is one I did several years ago!)

And it’s never too early to start thinking about recycling old Christmas cards, newspapers and magazines for pretty tree decorations and paper chains!

Above all, I don’t know about you, but there is something very comforting about a Christmas where we have made things ourselves, sometimes out of very little AND saved money.

If anyone has any festive home front ideas or recipes you’d like me to recreate why not drop me a line!

Love C xxxx

PS: A little video just to get you in the Christmas mood!

Facebook Live 1

Just silly, and upside down for a few seconds, and eating dinner, a gloopy 40’s style stew which was rather dangerous seeing as I was wearing my new dress…

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C xxx

I made money by losing weight!!!


Being a family with one full time income (with £250 per month of that is spent on fuel for commuting) , it can be a struggle to make money stretch far enough when large unexpected bills come in. I always have to plan in advance and gradually build up enough to cover predicted expenses.

My daughter Jess and I are off to York in October to take part in the Plusnet Yorkshire Marathon. Expenses related to this will be travel and accommodation and a few months ago I booked us a couple of nights at the Premier Inn in York (the night before and the night the event after as there are hardly any trains on Sunday back down to Nottingham). I figured I could look at it as a weekend break and enjoy a day in York the day before too!

I’ve been taking part in a 6 month Transformer ‘DietBet’ which essentially is a website where you invest a month amount of money (in this case $25) and you have to achieve weight loss goals over a long period of time. My total investment with the 6 month Transformer was $150 and yesterday, because I had successfully reached all my goals and maintained in the last month, I shared the winners pot and have come away with $305!!! I’ve kind of used it as a way of saving and as an encouragement to lose weight with the AIM to cover our hotel expenses during the Marathon and feel very happy that this has been achieved!!

So $305 converts to £230 which covers our hotel bill and pays for breakfast for both of us for two days during our stay!

Just thought I’d tell you about DietBet incase you were interested in having a go and making a bit of extra pocket money!!

C xxx