It’s all done…

I handed back the keys today for our house in Nottingham and now we are fully at our new place further up North!

This weekend will finally not involve driving back and forth, packing, unpacking, making good, painting or whatever (even though I still have about 15 bags and boxes still to unpack here! – they can WAIT!). It’s time to now knuckle down and get back on track with reducing weight and increasing fitness and enjoying good, wholesome food again!

I’ve made a start. I’ve been baking bread, eating lots of veggie dishes thrown together from the organic veggie box I get once a week from . All I need to get back under control is spoiling all my good work by eating horrid junk food in the evenings! No more buying the stuff from now on!

Last Saturday I dug over a weed filled flower bed and bought some herbs from my new local plant nursery. For £4 I bought chives, sage, oregano, stevia, thyme and Vietnamese coriander. The bed is quite shady so I’m not sure how they will take. It’s a long time since I last did any growing so will persevere!

Hoping to find my 1940s cook books too and start getting back on track with the recipes and rationing!

C xxxx


22 lb on in 8 weeks and it’s all to do with convenience food.

So I knew the news was going to be bad. I’ve felt increasingly sluggish, tired and generally horrid these past few weeks (and I ache all over!)

Since after the London Marathon, my walking, jogging and weight training has plummeted to rarely and because of trying to balance a full-time job, and moving houses, with saucepans in boxes and very little time to spend on cooking, my reliance on cheap convenience food (with the occasional good meal here and there) and allowing myself to indulge in foods I wouldn’t normally eat (as far off ration as you can get!) I’ve put on 22 lbs. yes that’s right – 22 lbs in 8 weeks. (current weight 276 lbs which is 19 st 7 lbs)

Let me tell you I am not happy with this. It’s all my fault. It’s made me realize that it’s so very easy to go back to bad eating habits.

But I’m using this weight gain as confirmation of what I’ve always known and that is as soon as you start eating lots of food prepared in a factory using ingredients that have been modified, it’s going to make you sick, it’s going to make you fat, especially if you exercise little or have problems controlling quantity.

Today I’ve had a good start. Lots of salad and some homemade wholemeal bread and about to make an onion, tomato and broccoli bake for lunch with leftovers for dinner. I’m already peeing every 30 minutes and that is a great sign as the toxins begin to flush out.

I’ve also signed up for a large organic veg box scheme (first delivery next Wednesday) and that I feel is worth investing in, UK and local organic veggies, smaller independent producers and pesticide free vegetables.

Lots of love

C xxx

Kentish Pasties – Recipe No. 155

Reblogging one of my favourite wartime pastie recipes.

If I had time to bake and could find my cooking utensils (packed away because of the move next weekend) I would definitely cook these today and serve them cooled with a nice crisp salad and a pint of beer!

6 days until we move!

C xxx

The 1940's Experiment


In the WW2 recipe book ‘Good Eating’ published in the 1940s by the ‘Daily Telegraph’ and which included wartime recipes tried and tested by readers, I came across a recipe for ‘Kentish Pasties’.

This particular recipe, according to the reader, was for a popular pasty distributed by mobile canteens and pie stations at Sevenoaks Rural District during the war.

Using the ingredients in the recipe, I was able to make three huge pasties which could easily be cut in two, one half  for your dinner (served with veggies and gravy) and one half for your lunch the next day (although I am sure if you were working on the land a whole pasty for lunch would be appreciated)  I also added two teaspoons of Marmite and one chopped leek which added to the flavour as it was a little bland without.

Overall I found this very filling and tasty!


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June Update – At the Houses of Parliament and nearly time to move!

If there is one thing I am desperate for, it’s time.

At the moment I am staying 4 or 5 nights a week on an airbed (with no furniture and no WI-FI or TV) in our new rental house (just 2 miles from work). It is convenient, saves time and money and I’m so knackered that I’m in bed most nights for 8 pm! Every weekend is spent back in Nottingham frantically packing, cleaning and painting in preparation for our forthcoming house move. By June 30th all should be handed back over and our new home should have furniture in it although my dining table will have to live under my bed (once I’ve taken the legs off of course) as there is simply not enough room for it.

I’m hoping by the end of July everything will have settled down into some sort of normality and routine so I can once again focus on eating healthier (10 lbs on since the Marathon!) and start re-creating more wartime recipes. I’m seriously missing my stepping back in time (culinary of course) – it feels like part of who I am has gone missing.

In addition to getting back on track with recipes and weight loss I have exams to study for in December (Certificate in HR – Level 3) and an awful lot of catching up to do regarding that too! I’m still working on building a complete vintage recipe/event/shopping phone app (which will include every single wartime recipe I have recreated with photos) as well as a directory of all vintage tearooms in the UK, and vintage clothing shops, vintage events, vintage everything really….. it’s a huge undertaking and very time consuming but what I’ve learned in life is you have to put the effort in and be jolly patient and passionate about something and willing to persevere for anything to be remotely successful.

One exciting thing happened recently, I got to go to the Houses of Parliament in Westminster, London on Election night for a lovely Summer Dinner! It was through work ( ) and had a wonderful time! The buildings were absolutely stunning! What an experience!

Take care all, can’t wait to be back online properly and have time to take care of the blog again.

Lots of love

C xxxxxxxxx

Feature on my blog in Waitrose Weekend!


Waitrose have a FREE magazine/newspaper in store which is great because it has lots of recipes and food related articles in it every week.

This week until Wednesday, their weekly newspaper contains a double page spread on rationing during WW2, and my blog! I always like to do these things if asked as am passionate about getting back to basics and the promotion of food in its natural state rather than using processed foods for health and wellness. We all know how addictive processed foods and snacks are (am living proof of that!!!).

Anyway – it’s quite a good article with some factual information in it that you may like to read (I’ll try and take a high res photo later and upload it so you’ll be able to read it).

It was also great to re-create an ‘Apricot Mock Flan’ for the photoshoot and I’ll post the recipe for that including the photos I took later.

I’m just off to the gym right now for a couple of hours. See you on the flip side!

Lots of love

C xxxx

Merry Christmas.


Just wanted to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and hope your day tomorrow is filled with happiness and love.

I am so very sorry for my recent lack of commitment to my blog. I feel so frustrated with my lack of time to do the things I feel driven to do but I am going to formulate a plan to try and fit more time in to post and communicate more regularly. I have REALLY appreciated the continued support, messages and comments.

Thank you and have a lovely day tomorrow with those you love xxxxxx C

Homemade Christmas decorations- tree stars

Here is a lovely way to make pretty tree stars out of old Christmas cards . I think in wartime Britain during the 1940s people would have made lots of homemade decorations out of card or paper! – Hope you enjoy this blog post from 2012!  For full step by step instructions to make these tree stars click here  C xxxx

The 1940's Experiment


A  few readers asked how I made some really simple but pretty “tree stars”..

Our Christmas this year, is as always frugal, but also has more of an emphasis on homemade, so we are enjoying trying some money saving ideas out and decorating our place festively, making do with what we’ve got.


Last week, I noticed a link on a friends Facebook page, to an article on how-to make homemade paper stars. Initially looking at the design it seemed like it would be terribly fiddly and complicated but I gave it a go. The  first one was a little fiddly but the second and third were quick and easy and looked delightful once I had hung them up on our Christmas tree .

I made mine from standard white printer paper as I thought they would look nice against the green of the tree but you could make them from…

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