A New Year is coming…

1512719_10151847290227361_1508950795_nI do apologize for lack of blog updates. I get a bit preoccupied with soul searching this time of year, making forward plans in my mind and with Christmas preparations and visiting friends and family, there has been little time for my blog.

I weighed in this morning after Christmas and my weight is back up to 18 st 12 lbs which is 264 lbs or 119 kg which is hardly surprising as we’ve had a jolly good Christmas and I’ve actually even been out to parties/dinners etc!! I’ve eaten choccies, mince pies and made a huge Christmas cake (and have only eaten one slice yet).

I waited for hours for the kids to get up!!!

I waited for hours for the kids to get up!!!

Christmas Day saw traditional simple food. I ate veggies and stuffing and a veg gravy while I cooked a small, fresh, free range turkey for the girls which I served with free range pork wrapped in bacon and sliced ham. None of us could eat the Christmas pudding…

I do hope you had a wonderful Christmas too..

1497475_699938883370348_973472654_nAnd striding forth into the New Year I am psyching myself up to address the final 100 lbs I need to lose. I may get to 190 lbs and think- that’s enough….I think this is where I am happiest. So the final goal is fluid. I just want to be at a low health risk and I want to be able to run all day and make love all night.

Good news! I had my first health check in 15 years last month! Now I am back in the UK it was important to me to make sure everything was OK now I have free health coverage. I explained to my doctor that I had not had a proper health check in 15 years so she did several blood tests including thyroid, iron, glucose, kidney and liver function, urea and electrolytes and cholesterol, weight and blood pressure. ALL came back great (apart from my weight) and after doing a heart disease risk assessment, I was told, despite my weight that my risk of heart disease was just 3%..

I truly believe the veganism AND eating lots of simple nutritious foods have really helped. Long live rationing!!!!

C xxxx


Help me- just a bit of fun


Well I can’t cook and food or post any recipes while I’m at work but I’m hoping you can help me out and have a bit of fun!

Ugly Christmas Sweaters! 

Can you help me? I’m trying to put together the worst/hideous/ugly looking Christmas sweaters…make a list of the worst of the worst…do you have any links to any you’ve seen on line that are just so damn awful you think I should add them to this list?

Thanks in advance!! http://wrappler.com/meat/list/239

First day at Wrappler


It was my first day back to work today for over a year! I have my sign-off paperwork ready to go back to the Job Centre with tomorrow….it’s rather lovely to be doing that.

I brought leftovers wartime stew to the office (affectionately called POO STEW because it always comes out brown and poop like) and I started creating some Wrappler lists and generally having great fun putting them together.

Although it takes me 30 minutes walking and on the bus to get to WRAPPLER HQ, once I move in 2 months time, I’ll be just a five minute walk away.

Just wanted to shout out to Caroline, Bertie, Ben and Andrew and thank them for taking me on… a start up in Social Media is always going to be exciting. It’s their baby, they are lovely people and I have no doubt that this is going to grow and evolve into a huge fun and fabulous resource.

tinyAnd just incase you are tempted, here is a list I put together today with ideas for homemade gifts. I rather liked the Regency Pomander…it looks simple enough to make and I love olde fashioned things!


OMG- I made 3 Fruit Crisp pies from one of my 1940s recipe books and they were the nicest desserts I have ever tasted from my books (even better than the bread and apple pudding!). Even my man friend, who doesn’t really like oats, loved the pie I brought him. I will post the recipe tomorrow!!

C xxxx