WW2 Christmas Recipe Pamphlets – Ministry of Food

It’s NEVER too early to start thinking about a “WW2 Home Front Christmas”, after all the weather is definitely turning, the leaves are falling and soon Halloween will be a distant memory.

I’m not sure what to do this Christmas. I don’t have a 1940s style home, infact really its just the recipes, books and kitchen related items (and a few dresses and hats) that are the extent of my time travelling. But as we all know, Christmas is pretty much all about the food so I thought I’d dig out some digital snap shots of some festive WW2 Ministry of Food recipe pamphlets.

It will soon be time to start thinking about our cakes and puddings!

C xxxx

PS: Click on the pictures below and they will open up as a larger image xxx


Fighting My Obesity – Video Diary 1

I’m slowly getting to grips with my erratic eating habits and have joined a great local gym called “Bannatyne Health Club” which I feel is really helping, not only with my eating but my emotions too. Endorphins can really kick in with me quite strongly in the hour or two after exercise (as you’ll see at the end of the video). LOL!

I’m not particularly eating 1940s at the moment although eating LOTS of veggies, beans and pulses. I’ve had to do away with keeping real cheese in the house as it is a massive trigger food for me (as is chocolate) and instead at the moment some days I’m using a small amount of dairy free vegan cheese (called Violife).

As soon as I am safely back on track I will be focusing on recreating more authentic wartime recipes to share on my blog.

Lots of love and thank you.

C xxxxxxx

Let food be thy medicine…

I struggle horribly with my addiction to sugary and fatty foods (especially cheese and chocolate and ohhh I love crisps).

There is no balance in my life. I can only eat loads of it or none of it (I’ve spent 25 years testing this theory).

Tonight I ate a healthy, light supper and STILL I am watching the clock and thinking to myself “If I leave now I can be at the supermarket in 5 mins” which would undoubtedly lead too a mini-binge (I don’t do huge binges anymore thank goodness) on crisps and chocolate.

So instead, to stop me walking up the road and buying junk, I’m sat at my lap-top writing a blog post, talking about food, good wholesome organic food, vibrant and delicious veggies and fruits, that I love the taste of which will nourish my body…..yet I still crave crap.

I am a HUGE believer in the commonly shared phrase on social media “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food…” (Hippocrates circa 410 BC – although how accurate this is to the original phrase used by this great physician one can only guess) and I know that eating crap makes me fat and makes my body ill but I’ve yet to understand this strange mind of mine.

BUT I also eat mounds of healthy, earth friendly produce and I really do believe that this will heal my body and eventually the cravings will become ancient history, much like Hippocrates…. so I persevere.

Today my weekly medicine delivery arrived. Another organic original veg box from my favourite producer “Riverford Organics”.

And it was the mesmerising Romanesco and it’s Mandelbrotesque florets that reminded me of nature’s perfect plan for everything if only we would let it do it’s own stuff and stop interfering. And that is why I’ve really strived to buy organic in recent months. £18 a week is an investment in my health and this beautiful planet we live on.

This is all sounding rather “preachy” isn’t it…. anyone that knows me in real-life will know it’s not. As an imperfect, emotional, complex person I sometimes have to talk through my thoughts openly via my computer instead of subjecting my colleagues, friends and family to a barrage of intense discussions face to face.

As I finish this post, the supermarket is now closed which thankfully means a chocolate and crisp binge has been diverted. There is a smell of an organic spelt loaf freshly baking in my bread machine, wafting up the stairs and I will enjoy a slice of that in bed with a cup of tea.

Thank you for listening…

Much love, C xxxxxxx

PS: The AMAZING black figs in my Riverford box last week. It’s taken me 51 years to taste a fresh, soft, sweet black fig. You NEED to try these! I read that figs were also grown and produced in the UK in the 1940s which quite frankly astounded me!

No Planking

Just when I was going great guns with the daily planking I got hit with a nasty cold which made me feel pretty awful and went onto my chest a bit so I’ve not planked since last Thursday when I did a 1 minute and 3 second plank! I’m still not recovered but hope to be back to daily planking by Saturday or Sunday so will resume then!

We’ve had visitors so had a lovely day Sunday and ate mountains of off ration homemade cheesecake!

Tomorrow I am heading down south as my youngest daughter Emily starts her ‘Bachelor of Arts’ at the University of Reading and we have to get her moved in to the halls of residence. She’s really excited and I’m really excited for her but embarrassingly bursting into tears now and again so am dreading Friday…

I went to have a nurses check as a new patient at the surgery I have just joined and I was 282 lbs at weigh-in on the doctors scales but I’ve also shrunk 3/4 inch and am now 5ft 5 inches! My blood pressure and pulse were up so as soon as I have returned from dropping Em off at Uni I will be trying soooo hard to work hard on reducing my weight by eating very healthily and taking lots of brisk walks.

C xxxx

30 Day Plank Challenge

Another very quick post as about to jump in the shower and head to work.

Just for the hell of it I’ve started on my own personal ’30 Day Plank Challenge’ to help build up some core muscles and at the end of it I’m going to sign up to the local gym (which is just a few minutes walk from my house) and get moving more and get back to training with weights to tone things up a little.

Well anyway, my first plank was 25 seconds and yesterday I managed a bit more, so far so good!

My goal is hopefully to hold a 2 minute plank by the end of the month. Have NEVER done that before!

When I say plank, it’s plank with my bum stuck up in the air a bit as my belly literally hangs down so much it has to be that way… ahhh well!

Anyone want to join in? I’ll post my results maybe a couple of times a week…

Thanks for all the support with my weight loss results last week, it means a lot.

C xxxxxx

Weigh-In – September 4, 2017

A very quick update as it’s 6:50 am and I’ll be heading to work shortly.

Although it was far from a perfect week I did persevere and probably only had two days in the week where I ate junk food which is quite an achievement for me right now. Apart from the junk food (bag of crisps and some biscuits at work) I was able to stick to my allowances within rationing and have eaten plenty of vegetables.

After feeling really low on Saturday I was able to turn things around on Saturday evening and tackle chores which I had procrastinated about which actually lifted my mood and got a great nights sleep with some beautiful mood lighting in my bedroom and some relaxing meditation music.

Sunday I completed the jobs I needed to get done, ate lots of nice food and after some weights exercise in the garden and skipping and my first attempt at planking in months, I finished the day on homemade pancakes (quite a few!).

My weigh-in this morning was a success having lost 5.4 lbs.

C xxxx

Make 100 Vegan Meringues for 50p – Aquafaba

Today I discovered how to make 100 delicious vegan meringues for just 50p and I was astounded how simple it was.

I was draining a 400g can of organic chickpeas (in water, no added salt or sugar) to use in my lunchtime salad when I remembered reading on the internet about people who were making eggless vegan meringues from the discarded water. How could this be? It didn’t sound possible and what about the taste?

I take most things I hear or read with a pinch of salt and like to make my own mind up so I quickly read about “Aquafaba” (the latin word for water and bean) and decided a kitchen experiment was needed, just for the hell-of-it!

It was a complete success and was amazed how well these meringues came out at a fraction of the cost of eggs. I know this isn’t a wartime recipe but eggs were so scarce during the war I bet if this knowledge had been about in the 40’s there would have been recipes for “eggless meringues” in the Ministry of Food’s recipe pamphlets!

PS: They are about 5 cals per meringue which is pretty good!

Recipe for 100 Vegan Meringues

The drained liquid from 1 400g can of chickpeas in water (no sugar or salt added)
150g of caster sugar
1/2 teaspoon cream of tartar (optional)
several drops of vanilla extract, I used lemon (optional)

– Heat oven up to 100C and line two large baking trays with parchment/baking paper.
– First drain the liquid from the chickpeas into a clean, dry mixing bowl.
– Using a electric mixer on high start mixing the liquid (it will take 5 or 6 minutes) until the mixture forms stiff peaks and the mixture in the bowl does not slide around.
– Add in the cream of tartar (if used) and then the caster sugar a couple of spoons at a time in mix in with mixer.
– Add in flavouring.
– Use a piping bag or a large ziplock bag and spoon the mixture in and cut a hole in the end.
– Pipe small swirls on the baking trays lined with baking paper.
– Place in pre-heated oven for at least 1 hr – 1 hr 15 mins (for small meringues and longer for larger ones)
– Switch off oven and open door slightly and leave meringues in the oven for another hour to dry out.
– Once cooled remove from baking paper.

Makes 100. Cost about 50p in ingredients if you count the liquid for free!