Caught Covid-19 after nearly 3 years. Here is my video diary.

Thought I’d share some of the symptoms I experienced with the Coronavirus and how Covid-19 ( Omicron ) impacted me as a 56 year old morbidly obese woman. In addition to my 1940s WW2 recipes YouTube channel, I have a channel where I focus on my own personal struggles with obesity.

My name is C. I am a morbidly obese woman, 56 year young and I reduced my weight from around 350 lbs to below 300 lbs 10 years ago and my weight has meandered between 228 lbs and 298 lbs ever since. My goal is to get below 200 lbs in a healthy, sustainable way and stay there forever. My typical pattern is success, failure, dust myself off, get back up again, rinse and repeat but I WILL succeed eventually!

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I write articles for businesses and content for websites.

I rarely use my blog for business. My blog is a warts and all, diary of life with little editing, but rather a raw, emotional journey plus WW2 recipe recreation during times when life is less overwhelming. Escapism if you like.

Beyond my blog I do work hard (as many of us do!!) and earn a living as a full-time marketing executive AND I do freelance work in my spare time (usually weekends and mostly instead of watching TV or going out anywhere) to pay the extortionate home rental rates here in the South-West (50% of my take home pay is rent but cannot even afford a flat to buy!) I moved to Wiltshire in January 2020 to be close to my parents, into a job that paid me significantly less than my last one up North (but now matches what I used to earn so that is great!) and as the only wage earner in our household, to me it is so important not to rely on one singular form of income. The extra £100 here and there from writing business articles or creating social posts/content keeps my youngest (25 year old) daughter and I with a roof over our heads. Just in case a comment is dropped below about my daughter, there are significant reasons why she is unable to work and a lot of the time I work from home to be her support but as you can understand the full details are private to her xxxxx

ANYWAY, I digress. I just wanted to put this out here that after Christmas, I would like to take on another client or two, I anticipate my rent to rise shortly and like everyone else, the cost of living is impacting. I charge £100 for up to a 1000 word researched and SEO optimised business article.

Stronghold Global are one of most recent businesses I have been working with to create SEO optimised short articles for their website and brochures. You can see some examples below. Please contact me if you are looking for articles or blog content for your business. As long as you’re not an ISO Consultancy (my day job and won’t accept anything that conflicts with this) we are good!

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Stronghold Global know that adding value to your business should be at the core of everything we do. By leveraging new technology through our international infrastructure, we have developed and applied solutions which reduce costs, increases efficiency, improves sustainability and keeps you safe.”

Thanks so much for your time, C xxxx

The 1940s Christmas Cake Bake-off

Dear all, I’m out of the other side of finally getting the Coronavirus a couple of weeks ago and feeling much better. I had good intentions of starting my ration book Christmas recipes earlier than now but I felt so exhausted and poorly that all I could do was sleep lots and feel sorry for myself! BUT better late than never and this weekend it’s Christmas cake time!

I thought it might be fun to share our attempts at making traditional Christmas cakes using WW2 ration book recipes so I’ve enclosed some random photos of Christmas cakes I found plus clippings of WW2 recipes that might help!

I’ll be doing a vegan, eggless Christmas cake and making mock marzipan also and will likely decorate mine with some greenery from the garden, similar to the photos I found. I’m not sure whether to use regular icing sugar or not. It wasn’t really available during the times of rationing BUT we do know that in early years of rationing people still had supplies of icing sugar stashed away so that’s good enough for me. I REALLY want to do a snow scene with real icing sugar!!!

We will be sharing our Christmas cakes over on our Facebook group too HERE.

If you’d like to share a photo of what 1940s Christmas Cake recipe you’ve made please email me at and I’ll share it on my blog with a link to your blog or website if you like!

Much love, C xxx

I’m not so sure of the dates or country origins of the recipe clippings below but thought it would be nice to share them regardless!

Good Fare in War Time Cook Book 1942 – Free Download

Good morning! It’s 6 am and before I’ve had my morning coffee I thought I MUST add this post and share with you a free download of a 1942 cook book issued by the Board of Education and published by H.M Stationary Office and sold for 3D.


My plans for the day are:

  1. Finish cleaning the kitchen (I did half of it yesterday, I’m just getting over Covid and still a bit exhausted)
  2. Never ending laundry!
  3. Scan in another pamphlet from my donated WW2 recipes collection from Newquay Zoo
  4. Make and film a 1945 Christmas Cake Recipe. Please subscribe to my YouTube channel here.

Have a wonderful day!

C xxxxx

1944 diet: Day 1.

Here is an interesting blog I came across today after a quick conversation on Facebook messenger with “General Whiskers” who is a reenactor! For anyone interested in living history this seems like a great blog to bookmark!

C xxxx

General Whiskers' semi-historical wanderings

I should start by explaining that as I begin this diet I am having to use up some perishables from my fridge and larder. Some of these items were not available in 1944, like bananas and fruit-flavoured yoghurt. These items will not be replaced while the experiment continues.

Yesterday, from my weekly ration I used: Tea, 2 bags (9%); Milk, 87ml (5%); Meat, 105g (19%); Butter & Margarine, 10g (6%). I have amalgamated the 60g of butter and 120g of margarine allowance because I eat vegetable spread for health reasons.

I have not touched my single egg or my cheese ration.

In addition I consumed the following “off-ration” items: 2 large potatoes, 1 apple, a little lettuce and cucumber (out of season?), an apple, a banana (unavailable) and half a tin of baked beans. I have as yet not discovered if tinned beans were rationed, only that they were considered…

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Wartime Recipe Books from Newquay Zoo …

Thank you to Mark Norris and Newquay Zoo who kindly donated a wonderful collection of original WW2 newspaper clippings and cookery pamphlets and books.

Quote: “The World War Zoo Gardens research project, schools workshops and allotment at Newquay Zoo ran from 2009 to 2019 (from the 70th to the 80th anniversary of the outbreak of WW2).”

I’m thrilled to have received this collection and am looking forward to photographing, scanning and sharing the complete collection digitally for all.

C xxx

PS: Check out Marks “Wartime Diaries” research. This is an AMAZING slice of social history!

Worldwarzoogardener1939's Blog

wartime childhood 2

Pictured, part of our original wartime life collection at Newquay Zoo including recipe books 

The World War Zoo Gardens research project, schools workshops and allotment at Newquay Zoo ran from 2009 to 2019 (from the 70th to the 80th anniversary of the outbreak of WW2).

I wanted to explore what we could learn for the future from how zoos, their staff, visitors and animals survived the challenges of wartime life and rations. 

Whilst this occasional research blog remains, along with my wartime diaries research, we have been steadily rehoming some of our original 1940s research materials, prior to a building move at Newquay Zoo. 

The garden books have already found a new home. 

I am delighted to have passed on our collection of original recipe books and paper cuttings of recipes to an active new home with Carolyn at The 1940s Experiment blog. 

1940s experiment

During the time that we…

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Spiced Biscuits for Halloween – Recipe No. 207

These delicious spiced biscuits are quintessentially autumnal given their warm spiced aroma and flavour. This is an old and simple recipe and with it being eggless and quick to bake, perfect during times of rationing.

Yesterday I enjoyed an afternoon of pumpkin carving and baking these delicious cookies so thought I’d share the traditional recipe with the additions I made too. I used 1/2 the ingredients below, added extra spice and a couple small handfuls of dried mixed fruit.


250g/9oz – softened butter
125g/4oz – caster sugar (or granulated sugar)
350g/12 oz – self-raising flour
1½ tsp mixed spice (or pumpkin spice)
¾ tsp cinnamon


  1. Cream together the butter (I used plant-based Flora butter) and sugar.
  2. Stir all of the dry ingredients into the creamed butter and sugar. (I also added a couple of handfuls of mixed dried fruit) Knead lightly until all of the flour mix has been incorporated
  3. Pinch off approximately 10g pieces, roll into a ball and place on a baking tray leaving space between each to allow for spreading. Depress the centre of each dough ball lightly with finger. (I actually rolled the dough out and used a cutter as I wanted thin crunchy biscuits)
  4. Bake at 180ºC / fan 160ºC / gas mark 4 for 15 minutes.
  5. Cool on the baking tray for 10 minutes then transfer to a wire rack to finish cooling.

I used half the ingredients and made around 20 x 2.5 inch biscuits.

Happy Halloween!

C xx

Stork Cookery Service Notes No. 28a – 1943

A rather wonderful thing happened a week or two ago and I’ll save that story once I’ve made sure it is OK to tell it. But fast-forward a couple of weeks and I am now the lucky custodian of many original wartime booklets and pamphlets and newspaper clippings which I’m going to share with you over the coming year.

Many of the books I have are very fragile and I will have to scan these in carefully and properly in high-definition to preserve them as it won’t be long before they crumble away but for now I will start with the easier leaflets and clippings which I will just take photos of with my camera. These will be available as individual images below but also a DOWNLOADABLE PDF DOCUMENT HERE. Additionally I will create an archive page to house the complete collection where you will be able to download the PDF’s and enjoy them or share them on your own websites or in your groups or print them out.

Hope you enjoy them and I am looking forward to working my way through the complete collection and sharing something every week. And I’m also looking forward to telling you the full story!

Much love, C xxxx


Sharing links to my recipes or content means the world to me so you can support me by doing so. It keeps history alive.

People are always asking about other ways to support my blog but I don’t do Patreon or sell any content.

If you wanted to make a small donation here to support my website feel free: but regardless, I will continue to create FREE content for everyone. It’s what I love doing and I don’t want lack of disposable income to be a stumbling block for anyone.

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Emergency Pantry Tour

Well, it’s not exactly a tour as it’s a tiny cupboard under the stairs but nevertheless, it’s now stocked fully. Add to that an unused fridge and boxes under the bed, full of supplies, and we now are prepared for an emergency such as loss of income, ill health, shortages, cost of living, or anything that gets thrown at us. This will help ease us through 3-6 months of turbulence which seems to be a sensible thing to do given the unpredictable world we currently live in.

Thought you might like to have a peek! It’s not terribly well organised but none of us are perfect!!!

C xxxxx

The N Word: Living in one room for one week

This is going to sound extreme but please bear with me as it’s only a hypothetical scenario but WHAT IF the unthinkable happened and a nuclear weapon was used in your country of residence and you were within range (depending on wind direction) to experience nuclear fall-out.

Being EVER PRACTICAL I looked at the most likely scenario here in the UK if the absolute unthinkable happened and if a Intercontinental Ballistic Missile was successfully delivered to London. While it is an awful thing to consider and while I personally cannot even comprehend and do not believe such an awful thing would happen, I still want to be informed and prepared, at least in someway. I’ve put a couple of maps and a link to an interesting site at the bottom of the page for those interested but don’t want for that to be the focus of this post.

Having spent some hours reading about practical steps to avoid radiation sickness it seems that the best thing one can do if you cannot get to a proper bunker and are likely to have to sit it out at home is to try and stay in the one room for several days if possible (and that room should be a basement or a room in the middle of the house on the ground floor and if possible a room without windows.)

In that room (according to what I’ve read) you should have the following at a minimum:

  • bottled water to drink and wash in for several days
  • food for several days, food from freezer and fridge and stuff in packets and cans is fine
  • something to cook with and heat water with
  • portable toilet with kitty litter and plastic bags and toilet tissue
  • first aid supplies and your medications and ointments for burns and injuries
  • clothing, towels, disposable wipes all stored in plastic bags until used
  • warm clothing and something to sleep on
  • wind up or battery operated light and power banks and radio
  • toiletries and eating and drinking utensils, stored in plastic, one use, throw away
  • any important documents and communication devices and money/cash/cards/car keys etc
  • Plastic sheeting and tape to seal window
  • Plastic bags to dispose of items

I’ve been giving this a little thought, I have my designated room. It does have a small window but the room contains my emergency pantry, fridge freezer, a sturdy table for a portable gas stove and for sitting at and is one of the largest rooms in the house.

As I read back through the above I actually can’t believe I am writing about this, do I sound like some nutter? I don’t know about you but actually I feel pretty safe and probably less than 5% of me thinks that this scenario could happen here in blighty. I just can’t begin to understand how the peoples of Ukraine and surrounding countries must feel right now and lets not forget the people of Russia. I always believe that there are more peace loving people in the world than ones that actively want to hurt others. We also know that coercion is real worldwide, from subtle propaganda campaigns to peer pressure and through dictatorship.

Personally for me I now have my emergency pantry completed, my medical supplies, portable camping toilet, portable cooking stove, wind up lights, radio and power banks. All good stuff for any emergency situation really. I also do have some thick sheeting and tape to seal the window (and I hope these only ever gather dust of the normal daily kind).

I’d love to hear your positive thoughts and real fears. Lets remember that we all cope with these times and situations in different ways. Some of us over prepare and that alleviates any anxiety, others don’t prepare and that is fine too. We are only human.

Much love, stay safe, be happy, C xxxxx


Download “Nuclear War Survival Skills” book from US Archive here

Download FEMA information sheet here

Intercontinental Ballistic Missile (800 Mt) | Click for link to website