Ministry of Food Leaflet No. 3 Potatoes

As promised I’m publishing a video and an original leaflet to download on my website every day leading up to Christmas. These are the original pages from the Ministry of Food No.3 Potatoes circa 1943 during WW2 and you will also find the original pamphlets as a PDF on the link below.

Download the leaflet here: MOF Leaflet No. 3 Potatoes

Much love, C xxx

Ministry of Food Leaflet No. 2 Cheaper Cuts of Meat

I’m publishing a video and an original leaflet to download on my website every day leading up to Christmas. These are the original pages from the Ministry of Food No.2 Cheaper Cuts of Meat leaflet circa 1943 during WW2 and you will also find the original pamphlets as a PDF on the link below.


Ministry of Food WW2 Leaflets to download:

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Thank you to my supporters

I just wanted to say a HUGE thank you to Sue, Celine, Lisa and Debbie who have supported the blog during this past month (I have sent you messages via PayPal). It just means the world to me for anyone who simply shares or links to my blog or YouTube channel, it keeps history alive! Your contributions, while unexpected, are very gratefully received and will be put towards the running of the blog and channels. Thank you, C xxxx

Ministry of Food Leaflet No. 1 Oatmeal

Dear all, I am slowly also working my way through all the Ministry of Food leaflets in numbered order and adding them to my YouTube channel as well as a PDF download on this page here.

One of our Facebook group members kindly uploaded all the leaflets, it’s been fab reading through all of them.

Must fly, I have a very busy day ahead and hopefully once my catch up chores are done, the Christmas tree will go up! Tomorrow I am wrapping all my family Christmas presents that need posting and will organise the postage for those too and FINALLY might find time to make my Christmas cake. It’s not happened yet!

C xxxx

A fantastic interview with Marguerite Patten about rationing during WW2

I was watching videos about WW2 rationing on YouTube (as I often do) and came across this DELIGHTFUL and very interesting interview with Marguerite Patten that I just had to share in case you hadn’t seen it.

Much love, C xxxx

Ministry of Food Christmas Recipes Pamphlet Circa 1944

Sharing this wonderful WW2 original recipe pamphlet from 1944 that was shared within my Facebook group recently by a member. I have put the pages into this little video and I will also put them together in a PDF so you can download this later too.

Here is the download!

Click here or picture below!

C xxxx

200+ WW2 recipes at:


Caught Covid-19 after nearly 3 years. Here is my video diary.

Thought I’d share some of the symptoms I experienced with the Coronavirus and how Covid-19 ( Omicron ) impacted me as a 56 year old morbidly obese woman. In addition to my 1940s WW2 recipes YouTube channel, I have a channel where I focus on my own personal struggles with obesity.

My name is C. I am a morbidly obese woman, 56 year young and I reduced my weight from around 350 lbs to below 300 lbs 10 years ago and my weight has meandered between 228 lbs and 298 lbs ever since. My goal is to get below 200 lbs in a healthy, sustainable way and stay there forever. My typical pattern is success, failure, dust myself off, get back up again, rinse and repeat but I WILL succeed eventually!

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I write articles for businesses and content for websites.

I rarely use my blog for business. My blog is a warts and all, diary of life with little editing, but rather a raw, emotional journey plus WW2 recipe recreation during times when life is less overwhelming. Escapism if you like.

Beyond my blog I do work hard (as many of us do!!) and earn a living as a full-time marketing executive AND I do freelance work in my spare time (usually weekends and mostly instead of watching TV or going out anywhere) to pay the extortionate home rental rates here in the South-West (50% of my take home pay is rent but cannot even afford a flat to buy!) I moved to Wiltshire in January 2020 to be close to my parents, into a job that paid me significantly less than my last one up North (but now matches what I used to earn so that is great!) and as the only wage earner in our household, to me it is so important not to rely on one singular form of income. The extra £100 here and there from writing business articles or creating social posts/content keeps my youngest (25 year old) daughter and I with a roof over our heads. Just in case a comment is dropped below about my daughter, there are significant reasons why she is unable to work and a lot of the time I work from home to be her support but as you can understand the full details are private to her xxxxx

ANYWAY, I digress. I just wanted to put this out here that after Christmas, I would like to take on another client or two, I anticipate my rent to rise shortly and like everyone else, the cost of living is impacting. I charge £100 for up to a 1000 word researched and SEO optimised business article.

Stronghold Global are one of most recent businesses I have been working with to create SEO optimised short articles for their website and brochures. You can see some examples below. Please contact me if you are looking for articles or blog content for your business. As long as you’re not an ISO Consultancy (my day job and won’t accept anything that conflicts with this) we are good!

Business Article Writing Examples Here:

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Stronghold Global know that adding value to your business should be at the core of everything we do. By leveraging new technology through our international infrastructure, we have developed and applied solutions which reduce costs, increases efficiency, improves sustainability and keeps you safe.”

Thanks so much for your time, C xxxx

The 1940s Christmas Cake Bake-off

Dear all, I’m out of the other side of finally getting the Coronavirus a couple of weeks ago and feeling much better. I had good intentions of starting my ration book Christmas recipes earlier than now but I felt so exhausted and poorly that all I could do was sleep lots and feel sorry for myself! BUT better late than never and this weekend it’s Christmas cake time!

I thought it might be fun to share our attempts at making traditional Christmas cakes using WW2 ration book recipes so I’ve enclosed some random photos of Christmas cakes I found plus clippings of WW2 recipes that might help!

I’ll be doing a vegan, eggless Christmas cake and making mock marzipan also and will likely decorate mine with some greenery from the garden, similar to the photos I found. I’m not sure whether to use regular icing sugar or not. It wasn’t really available during the times of rationing BUT we do know that in early years of rationing people still had supplies of icing sugar stashed away so that’s good enough for me. I REALLY want to do a snow scene with real icing sugar!!!

We will be sharing our Christmas cakes over on our Facebook group too HERE.

If you’d like to share a photo of what 1940s Christmas Cake recipe you’ve made please email me at and I’ll share it on my blog with a link to your blog or website if you like!

Much love, C xxx

I’m not so sure of the dates or country origins of the recipe clippings below but thought it would be nice to share them regardless!

Good Fare in War Time Cook Book 1942 – Free Download

Good morning! It’s 6 am and before I’ve had my morning coffee I thought I MUST add this post and share with you a free download of a 1942 cook book issued by the Board of Education and published by H.M Stationary Office and sold for 3D.


My plans for the day are:

  1. Finish cleaning the kitchen (I did half of it yesterday, I’m just getting over Covid and still a bit exhausted)
  2. Never ending laundry!
  3. Scan in another pamphlet from my donated WW2 recipes collection from Newquay Zoo
  4. Make and film a 1945 Christmas Cake Recipe. Please subscribe to my YouTube channel here.

Have a wonderful day!

C xxxxx

1944 diet: Day 1.

Here is an interesting blog I came across today after a quick conversation on Facebook messenger with “General Whiskers” who is a reenactor! For anyone interested in living history this seems like a great blog to bookmark!

C xxxx

General Whiskers' semi-historical wanderings

I should start by explaining that as I begin this diet I am having to use up some perishables from my fridge and larder. Some of these items were not available in 1944, like bananas and fruit-flavoured yoghurt. These items will not be replaced while the experiment continues.

Yesterday, from my weekly ration I used: Tea, 2 bags (9%); Milk, 87ml (5%); Meat, 105g (19%); Butter & Margarine, 10g (6%). I have amalgamated the 60g of butter and 120g of margarine allowance because I eat vegetable spread for health reasons.

I have not touched my single egg or my cheese ration.

In addition I consumed the following “off-ration” items: 2 large potatoes, 1 apple, a little lettuce and cucumber (out of season?), an apple, a banana (unavailable) and half a tin of baked beans. I have as yet not discovered if tinned beans were rationed, only that they were considered…

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