October Update

Dear all,

I’m in a good place right now. For anyone that knows me, you’ll know my struggles with morbid obesity. I’ve probably lost the same 100 lbs several times over but never managed to get below 200 lbs (14st 3 lbs) in the last 25 years. To me getting below 200 lbs by eating healthily (for me that is plant based, wholefoods) and increasing my exercise would, I feel, increase my physical health and life expectancy.

I’ll be 53 in January and in recent months I’d lost control of my eating and succumbed to large quantities of sugars, oils, fats and cheese, loads of cheese…. I’d recently gone for an eye test and the optician saw changes which could indicate high cholesterol. I dug out my ‘Thriva Baseline Test’ from last year with my Lipid Profile on and thought to myself I’ve GOT to do something about this NOW! Despite being a vegetarian, a lot of my diet included high salt, high sugar, saturated fats mostly from cheese and cake baking, and I’d been using oil for stir-frying veg. This definitely showed in the blood test results.

I’ve gone ahead and booked another baseline test, this time I am also getting my active B12, Thyroid, CRP (C-Reactive Protein – used to measure inflammation in the body for auto-immune diseases, heart inflammation etc) and a full blood count in addition to my baseline test which measures Cholesterol, Iron, Liver Function and Vitamin D.

The way I look at it is I do have the ability to change my health around, I’ve got to try and take responsibility.

People have asked me about the THRIVA home blood tests. They are much cheaper than home tests from private clinics. You should also be able to get these tests FREE via your GP if they feel they are warranted. I’m doing this because I like to have my results and explanation in front of me to refer to often.

This link gives you 50% off your test (UK) https://thriva.co/i/CEWPGS

To get to the nitty-gritty I weighed in on September 10th at 299.7lbs (21st 5lbs) and I’ve basically given up nearly all processed foods (a little bit of salad cream here and there and an occasional yogurt), cut out cheese, fats, sugar and salt. Most of my diet this past month has been porridge oats and fruit for breakfast, a massive mixed colourful salad with kidney beans for lunch, a lb of cooked veg (lots of green leaf veg such as kale and cruciferous veg) for dinner with a small amount of starchy veg such as sweet potato. I’m eating 4 pieces of fruit a day and 1-2 oz of nuts such as walnuts and at the end of the day I enjoy a toasted pitta bread topped with 100% peanut butter and a plant milk, hot milky coffee. Supplements include Omega 3 Algae oil with DHA + EPA, Nutritional Yeast sprinkled on food for B12, Vit D 3, Magnesium and Zinc. My daily protein levels are between 70-80g which is perfectly adequate.

My first weigh-in was October 10th and without counting calories I had lost 18.1 lbs (1st 4 lbs) which means my weight is now 281.6lbs (20 stone 1.6 lbs).

Although I’ve had to give up baking for now because of the fat, sugar and flour but I’m OK with this. My focus has to be getting through the next few months in a way I KNOW is the best for me. So many people say to me just have a little of what you fancy. I just can’t do this…for now it’s doing without. I’ve removed all trigger foods from my cupboards. EVERYTHING is healthy and nutritious. HOWEVER I have enjoyed a couple of nights out which involved “normal” food and alcohol and I’ve counted those as occasional treats.

Thank you all for continuing to check out my blog.

I’m going to be focusing on re-creating some autumn/winter WW2 soups over the coming weeks so please check back.

Much love to all.

C xxxx


Quick and easy way to cook corn on the cob – no mess!

After 30+ years of stripping back the outer leaves and removing the silks before cooking, I’ve found a way to cook corn without the mess and the frustration! Thought I’d share!

C xxx

A day in photos…

Thank you for all your comments and support yesterday. I’m feeling much more positive today and will continue to record my positive things by taking snap shots of my day, I find this helpful. I like to post these things on Instagram @fightingmyobesity

The positive things I worked on yesterday was my food (and successfully ate well and didn’t binge) and my financial planning.

If you are landing on my blog for the first time then I’m trying to overcome my obesity (at my heaviest I was 350 lbs and I’m now 299 lbs but managed to get down to about 225 lbs several years ago) and to pay off old debt and build a financial emergency fund. I live frugally (always have done) and my interest is life on the home front during WW2 rationing and I love re-creating recipes in my spare time. Finally at 52, as a single person, I’m trying to put everything right….

C xxx

Video Diary – nearly 300 lb and struggling.

I think I’ve sapped the strength out of so many people on social media today that I’ll just let this video speak for itself.

Thank you to all who have been there for me today, I appreciated every single comment, they were all very supportive and helpful.

Thank you xxxxxx C

Pancake Day – Wartime eggless pancakes

It’s Pancake Day! Why not celebrate in 1940’s style and use this eggless wartime pancake recipe! C xxx

The 1940's Experiment


I’m re-blogging this wartime recipe for eggless pancakes with it being Pancake Day tomorrow! If you like your pancakes big and fluffy this recipe isn’t for you but they do make quite tasty thinner pancakes and I guess with only 1 shell egg a week in your ration allowance, pancakes sometimes had to go without the egg…

I shan’t be cooking pancakes tomorrow as we have vinegar cake, Anzac biscuits and carrot cookies to eat up BUT I will enjoy having pancakes Wednesday night..

Eggless Pancakes

  • 4 tablespoons of flour (UK)- 5 tbls (US) – 60 ml (Europe)
  • pinch of sugar and salt
  • milk and water to bind (vegans use non dairy milk)
  • lard or dripping to fry (vegans use a vegetable shortening – palm oil friendly)


  1. Mix the flour with the salt and sugar and add the water/milk to make a nice thick batter
  2. Heat the lard/dripping until…

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5 small changes I’m making to save over £1000 this year..

It hasn’t been easy saying NO. Every trip to the supermarket is quite a challenge when having to stick to a very small shopping list. Gone are the days when I’d get a trolley full and spend £75! Today my weekly shop came to £10.44.

Yesterday I popped out to ‘Wetherspoons’ in Maltby for a slice of delicious vanilla cheesecake with a fruit compote, coffee and a chinwag with my friend Liz. The dessert was delicious as was the free refill fresh black coffee, it was a real treat and yet still within my weekly budget (only about £4!)

The great news for me was that at the end of the day when I did my spending calculations and counted the money in my purse, I had underspent for the 6th week in a row and was able to put £8.33 into my cash emergency/savings jar making a grand total of £116.03p!

Tonight is going to be a challenge, my weekly household/entertainment budget will be truly stretched as 18 of us ladies are attending a ladies night event at Carlton Park Hotel. But I’m on a roll and I know my £15 weekly budget will suffice! I’m determined!

So what have I been doing to save the pennies (so the pounds look after themselves!)

You may have read in some of my past posts about some of the smaller changes I am making that add up to quite a bit at the end of the year…. here are some of them.

  •  I am using an EcoEgg detergent free laundry egg with great success! So far I have been really pleased and its doing its job! I do use a stain remover spray which I already had, for anything that is heavily stained. The EcoEgg saves me £57.39 p per year – here is the review I wrote about it.
  •  I am using a Crystal Deodorant Mineral Stone rather than my normal roll-on deodorant saving me £33.50 a year (it pays itself back after the first couple of months). This works really well, there is a knack to applying it. Run the stone under the tap for a second, shake it to remove excess water, apply to under your arm rubbing back and forth like you would a normal roll on but instead rub it back and forth about 20 times covering all areas of the armpit. Repeat the process on the other side. I’ve not had a smelly pit yet!
  • I’ve switched my mobile phone Giff Gaff Goody Bag from £20 a month to £10 a month saving myself £120 per year.
  • I cancelled my Platinum level Natwest Account and moved to their FREE bank account. I was paying £17 per month with the Platinum Account. The benefit I lost was roadside assistance/breakdown so I signed up to GreenFlag at £5.75 per month. This works out as saving £135 a year!

Just these 4 changes alone will be saving me £345.89 this year!

A BIG EXPENSE I was prepared for..

My 19 year old car went in for it’s MOT on Monday. I knew if she was to get through her MOT it would end up being expensive as she has been suffering with corrosion. The last four months I have been putting at least £100 a month into a sinking fund for my car. Infact the amount of money I had put aside was £480.03 (not sure why there was a 3p but there was!). Poppy needed nearly £300 worth of repair/welding, she failed her emissions so the engine needed treating, her front drivers tyre needed replacing, the headlights needed adjusting and the wiper blades needed changing. To save money with the repair/welding I had the treated wheel arches hand painted with black instead of rubbed down and resprayed. In total, including the fee for the test, the bill came to £480.

My car is worth about £400, I could probably do without her at a push as I live just 2.5 miles away from work but I do have other responsibilities that take me further away. So I had the work done. It was difficult to lose all that hard earned and saved £480 in one go but I reminded myself that I had saved for this eventuality and imagine what a pickle I would be in if I hadn’t started saving! Despite the big bill It also felt good that I was able to pay for it without worrying how I was going to find the money for it!

I’m happy I have my car back. I’ll continue putting money into a car sinking fund every month as I fear that next February it will be time to find myself another car.


So looking at the 4 small changes I’ve made above AND the amount I am underspending every week by sticking to my shopping list and planning ahead I’ve worked out that this will save me over £1000 this year!

What changes are you making to save money, get out of debt and put some money away for a rainy day?

C xxx

Bread and Butter Pudding – Recipe No. 144

I have 1/4 loaf of very dry sliced bread, several days past it’s best before date so I think a ‘Bread and Butter Pudding’ is called for! This recipe is from Marguerite Patton’s Victory Cookbook and the recipe calls for 3 eggs which seems rather excessive during rationing so I think I’ll bake it without and use something else from my cupboard perhaps! I love this pudding…. cheap, delicious and comforting.

The 1940's Experiment


In Marguerite Patten’s “Victory Cookbook” there is always one pudding recipe that is an absolute ‘go-to’ when one needs comforting and one has spare eggs.

All becomes good in the world when you take that first spoonful of sugary topped, eggy, bready, sultana sprinkled, nutmeggy deliciousness, especially if served with a little hot custard.

It’s so moreish that one simply finds it’s addictive charm and charisma extremely hard to fathom, due to it’s rather plain and dumpy exterior and the fact the main ingredient is stale bread. But as we all know, in real life, sometimes the less bling the more zing!

The cost to make this, about £1.50 (not including custard) which isn’t bad seeing it will feed 4-6!

Bread and Butter Pudding (from the Victory CookBook)

During VE Day country celebrations in 1945, the farmers wife may have decided to make a REAL Bread and…

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