Blog to Book Deal- Part 3

Life sticks the knife in you and twist’s it slowly sometimes..

I’m pretty good with slapping a band-aid on those kind of wounds and raising a middle finger to adversity while hollering something about “stomping on it’s spuds”  if it dares to chuck me yet another stone to attach to the cord around my neck..

But the past few months have been sapping my life force, my mojo, my British stiff upper lip, my fighting spirit and on occasions, I have been succumbing to self-pity and defeatism, two attitudes specifically abhorrent to me as normally they are alien to my psyche for more than a fleeting moment..

My literary agent, took a step back and gave me time to get through these difficult times and now she is back and we have a deadline for the book proposal… I have one month to deliver, I work well with tight deadlines and pressure, it becomes all consuming and a challenge and I think this is exactly what I need to distract me from the bigger issues and worries that we are currently facing.

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I know there are many bloggers out there who are interested in “blog to book deals” or self publishing digitally through “Kindle Direct Publishing” via Amazon so I promised to keep you up to date of my own personal journey, whether I am successful or not, as I’m sure it will be of use to someone out there…

Here is part of the guidelines sent to me by my literary agent to assist me in putting together a “killer” book proposal.

Nonfiction book proposals should be divided into the following categories:

1. Overview/Introduction

2. Author Bio

3. Platform/Brand
4. Audience

5. Marketing

6. Format

7. Competitive and Comparative Titles Analysis

8. Chapter Breakdown

9. Sample Chapter


Writing a saleable proposal takes time and effort, and is probably the most important aspect of the book-writing process. An editor’s interest is based on the strength of your proposal and your platform; the more impressive the package, the more commercial the concept, in the editor’s eyes. Although these guidelines may seem daunting, they will help tremendously when you start writing your book and throughout the writing process. Your proposal should be approximately 30-40 pages.



Today I am moving forward..

I feel more positive thanks to the support of my friends, some productive e-mails dealing with things I was behind with, and a very patient literary agent. Now I have to make time to do important things in my life that could ultimately be good for my family and I.

Yesterday I spent an hour shoveling snow and also went for a 2 mile hike in freezing blowing snow until I was tired and aching and retired to bed early at 8:30 pm for a good nights sleep.

All seems clearer today. I’m sure I can now see a little light…

Thank you xxxxx

Eat ration book style and cut your grocery bill in half!


The past few years have been a challenge financially, especially since having to quit my job last year and no longer able to work as an employee in Canada. This means that I am always looking for ways to spend less money to get by.

bbforwebwithtextOne of the benefits of being on the “1940s Experiment” is that eating wholesome, ration book style food, cooking from scratch, and shopping wisely, has cut my food bill in half and is personally saving me £20/$30 per week which is £1000/$1500 per year  (just for me). Add to the fact that my diet is now low in cholesterol, low in saturated fats, full of fibre and vitamins and much easier digested proteins from leafy greens and beans, and I’m losing weight, I think this is a WIN WIN situation!pumpkinsouphowto

Click here for typical weekly rations during the 1940’s

Shopping wisely and buying discounted fresh food, is always part of my budget. Big bags of plain organic oatmeal used for breakfasts and for thickening stews, 10 lbs bags of local potatoes bought for $1.99, dried split peas, lentils and beans are economical and wonderfully healthy, making desserts from dry/stale bread, eating in season fruit and veg.. buying food in the summer and freezing it for the winter (a luxury the 1940s family would not have had)….. all of these things help.

potatocheesebake1940Last night I made a big cheese and potato pie (wartime recipe) and served it with veggies and homemade gravy. The two meat eaters had a couple of sausages each and I had my potato without the cheese topping. The whole dinner for 4, large portions, was very filling and cost me about $1 per person. I call that good value for money and it was satisfying to see everyone clear their plates.

Tonight I will be making vegetable curry and once again am aiming to bring it in at $1 per plate!

C xxx


Glazed turnips (Canadian recipe) – No 108


A blog reader, Cynthia, had kindly sent me a book called “Wartime Recipes from the Maritimes”. And this recipe is from this great little recipe book. I’d like to start to include some international wartime recipes this year in my blog..

This was delicious! I just ate this for my lunch and it was quick and nutritious and has provided me with most of my fibre for the day as well as filled my tummy.

I will definitely make this again, often!

Glazed Turnips

  • 1 lb young turnips (or Swedes)
  • 2 tablespoons butter (or vegan alternative)
  • 1 tablespoon sugar
  • 1/2 tablespoon flour
  • 1/2 cup stock


  1. Pre-heat oven to medium-hot
  2. Dice turnips into 1 inch chunks and cook in salted water for 10 minutes
  3. Drain well then saute in hot butter for a few minutes
  4. Sprinkle the sugar and flour over and continue to fry until browning
  5. Place into ovenproof dish and add 1/2 cup of stock
  6. Bake in oven for 15 minutes until further browned
  7. Sprinkle with salt and pepper before serving


A storm is brewing and thank you

I awoke this morning in Narnia..

Once again everything is white. Large snowflakes are falling and environment Canada tells me to expect up to 40 cms (16 inches) of snow by tomorrow afternoon. We’ve yet to have had a major snowfall yet so this will probably be it..

For us, living deep into the countryside, it means we’ll have to wait until the snow has passed before our lane is ploughed so right now we are making preparations incase of a power outage which involves storing water for cooking and washing and flushing the loo. I’ll make another big pot of 1940s veggie stew, cook potatoes and pull out my little gas stove as well as make sure the paraffin lamps are full and we have candles ready. I’ve retrieved the snow shovels and will periodically clear the snow from our front decking and steps and pathway and then we just sit it out…

If everything goes to plan we’ll be out and about on Tuesday.

THANK YOU to some very kind and generous blog donations that have come through Pay-Pal. Although it’s hard for me to accept your generosity, I’m truly grateful … I will enjoy sending out little thank you’s later as we hunker down in Narnia ..

C xxxxxx

My home is for sale..

Photo taken in 2005..

I am selling my 3 bedroom home on Shingle Lake, Near Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia, CANADA. The property tax valuation is $143,000 but to facilitate a quick sale I am offering my home to offers over $79,000 (51,000 British Pounds) making this a very attractive investment property to purchase now, refurbish and sell for a profit in the summer.


This all year round family home is in need of some repairs, refurbishment and tidying (I will supply a detailed list on request) however offers much scope and potential. It is set on a small, peaceful, clean swimming and paddle boat lake and is very private yet only 1 hour from the city of Halifax, 25 minutes from the town of Bridgewater and 15 minutes from Mahone Bay and 25 minutes from Lunenburg.

To facilitate a quick sale I am willing to consider all offers over $79,000 with preference being given to the buyer that can complete on the sale quickly.

The house is set on 2 acres of gardens and woodland and has lake frontage..It includes a large insulated workshop/barn

Viewings will start to take place end of February and this page will continue to be updated with more information and photos regularly. Click here

To express an interest for more info or to potentially view please e-mail me at




Weekly weigh in- February 1, 2013

Just a quick update to say I’ve lost another 2 lbs! That makes 10 lbs since Christmas, another 9 lbs and I’ll have lost the Christmas BLIP! This makes me happy… heading in the right direction again and I KNOW I’ll reach that first all important goal of 199 lbs if I continue to eat in this simple, frugal, environmentally friendly way…

So today my weight is 234 lbs..

I’m smiling…

I’ve taken your advice


In recent months I have had blog reader’s e-mailing or messaging me suggesting that I add a Pay-Pal DONATE button to my blog so if anyone wishes to donate a pound or a dollar, they could do so if they particularly enjoy the blog.

I’m a bit funny that way, I won’t even take paid advertising on my blog BUT a reader who e-mailed me yesterday was very blunt and said..

” Don’t be so bloody stubborn and independent…” and that I should consider adding the donate button to my blog which has been running since 2009.

I’m taking her advice and doing so and it’s simply there if anyone feels the need to contribute the odd pound or dollar to facilitate further creation of recipes or just to say thank you.

This is a passion of mine, I’d continue regardless of circumstances, I just love doing it and it continues to benefit me as my weight is still dropping (after the Christmas blip)

Thank you once again for all your emotional support and kind words over the years, just you reading and sharing the recipes and spreading the word means so much …

C xxxxxxxx