I’ve taken your advice


In recent months I have had blog reader’s e-mailing or messaging me suggesting that I add a Pay-Pal DONATE button to my blog so if anyone wishes to donate a pound or a dollar, they could do so if they particularly enjoy the blog.

I’m a bit funny that way, I won’t even take paid advertising on my blog BUT a reader who e-mailed me yesterday was very blunt and said..

” Don’t be so bloody stubborn and independent…” and that I should consider adding the donate button to my blog which has been running since 2009.

I’m taking her advice and doing so and it’s simply there if anyone feels the need to contribute the odd pound or dollar to facilitate further creation of recipes or just to say thank you.

This is a passion of mine, I’d continue regardless of circumstances, I just love doing it and it continues to benefit me as my weight is still dropping (after the Christmas blip)

Thank you once again for all your emotional support and kind words over the years, just you reading and sharing the recipes and spreading the word means so much …

C xxxxxxxx

6 thoughts on “I’ve taken your advice

  1. Think about what you are providing your readers – real content – people pay for magazines, tv, all sorts of media content, on and off-line. What you create and share is just as valid. There is nothing wrong with accepting support for your writing. Also congrats on the weight loss!


  2. I’ve just donated £15. Why? Because if you’d written all this in a book I would have bought it and because I’m impatient I would have bought the hardback.


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