Happy New Year!

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! Wishing everyone a very happy and of course healthy 2022.

Love this time of year as it can feel like a good time to set positive goals. The first one on my list for 2022 is to finish the first version of the ‘Pandemic Pantry’ cookbook. I’m still busy adding in your recipes and laying the pages out. It is more time consuming than I imagined but I’ve made great headway and I hope to have every single submitted recipe in and laid out nicely by the end of the day. Tomorrow I’ll need to write up a few pages, add in some conversion charts (as we have recipes that have been submitted from different continents) and finally proof read it all then upload it to my website.

3rd JANUARY UPDATE: It really is taking me longer than I thought. I'm putting in quite a few hours each day but it takes me around 20 minutes to lay out a recipe. I have another 20+ to do plus write up and charts. In the end we will have around 70 in total. I'll put in another few hours today, I'm back to work tomorrow and will just do my best and realistically aim to get this completed by the end of next weekend.

It will always be an evolving community cookbook throughout this year as I will always be adding in extra pages if anyone else submits recipes or I add a few more myself.

Thanks once again for all who have sent me through recipes for inclusion. C xxxxx