Just keep trying…

walk2I’ve been suffering with heel and foot pain since I did the 14.7 mile walk. It’s inevitable that pushing a 274 lb body such long distances, is going to bring with it some injuries. This worries me as the ‘5 weeks to go to the marathon’ passed yesterday and I can’t now walk long distances for fear of making things worse. I’m getting moderate to severe foot and heel pain when I put weight on my foot after resting it which dissipates, after several minutes to a bearable soreness.

What I’ve got is ‘Plantar Faciitis’ which is quite a common injury for those who walk or run long distances and more common the heavier you are. If I’ve any chance of being fit enough to do the Marathon (walking) I’ve got to do the following

a) NOT walk very long distances from now until the Marathon (am going to concentrate on very intense short work outs through the week and a single 5 mile walk at weekends)

b) Wear my ‘Plantar Faciitis’ insoles daily and don’t go around bare foot all day in the house.

c) Do ‘Plantar Faciitis’ exercises 3 times daily and also stretch my calf muscles and achilles heel before exercising.

d) Lose as much weight as possible. ( 10-20 lbs in the next 5 weeks )

Achieving this goal means such a lot to me. It’s been what I’ve been working towards for 3 months now which has involved losing 35 lbs and giving up most of my free time to go to the gym and/or go walking at weekends. The hard work had been paying off…

The cause (Cancer Research UK) is important to us too. Although I’ve been quite private on family and personal matters, my kids lost their father to colon, liver and lung cancer 2 years ago. This shouldn’t happen to a man with half his life ahead of him. I’m passionate about investment in finding a cure…

Here is our page – click here


August update – weight is dropping

14 miles

Today my daughter and I walked 14.7 miles in about 4.5 hours. We are in training to walk the first ever Women’s only Marathon in the UK for Cancer Research. The event takes place on October 4th. We’ve been training VERY hard. It’s been painful, seemed hopeless, seriously doubted my ability to turn things around to give this a shot. Sometimes you just need to have a challenge, a goal. HERE IS OUR PAGE. This is a big one as just 4 months ago my weight had ballooned back up to 310 lbs (22 stone 2 lbs) the crushing lower spine pain had come back and I could only walk 1/4 mile or so without having to sit down on a bench.


I bought some Victory Rolls in Superdrug so had a play. Note I didn’t also dye my hair green, that’s just a filter!

Today I’m back down to 274 lbs (19 stone 8 lbs) and ALL the back pain has gone.

I’ve set a new weight loss goal. 175 lbs (12 stone 7 lbs) and in the more immediate future I’d like to get rid of 20 lbs before the Marathon. Every single pound will help!

Today’s walk was a huge achievement for both of us. It gave us hope that we can actually do this!

During the week my current eating habits are porridge for breakfast, large salad for lunch and a vegetable based dinner in the evening, mostly something like a stew. At the weekends I’m trying to be more adventurous from one of my wartime recipe books. I’m rarely eating puddings right now and I’m sticking to my rations for cheese and using a meat substitute for my meat ration (as I’m veggie).

I WILL be posting some new recipes soon but my current busy life makes regular updates quite challenging right now (I do apologise). My day consists of getting up at 5 am, doing some kettle bell exercises, getting ready for work, eating my porridge and preparing my salad for lunch, leaving at 6:30 am, driving up the motorway to work to start at 8 am. Finish at 4 pm, commute home, pop into a shop to get fresh veggies etc. Get home by 6 pm (if no accidents on motorway). Make dinner, get changed for gym, do an hour on the treadmill, home, shower and in bed to watch something motivational on my tablet and then 7 hours sleep. Monday to Friday is quite the blur…

Thank you for continuing to support my blog by visiting. Really appreciate that. As someone noted the other day, there have now been over 3 MILLION visits to it. Just great that people are finding it interesting.

Take care, speak soon.

C xxx

PS: Cancer Research UK recently sent us our Marathon packs. I had ordered the largest t-shirt they had which was a size 20. As I am still a size 24 (but getting loose!!!) I tried the t-shirt on (which I REALLY REALLY want to wear on the day) but alas it looks like a crop top and displays all my large belly for all the world to see.

I’m posting a photo below to show you what I mean. I think part of the ability to succeed is being brave and being STRONG enough to reveal your hang-ups to the world. My large belly is mine. I wear long tops to disguise it. Maybe when I get into the 100’s the weight will be shifting off this area. I hope so…

Part of being able to succeed is not being afraid to recognise your hang-ups and be strong enough to recognise them. Mine is my belly…