Pandemic Pantry FREE cookbook

FINALLY the “Pandemic Pantry Community Cookbook” is ready to DOWNLOAD.

Before you dive in I’d first like to say that this first version contains 38 of the nearly 200 recipes already submitted during the pandemic BUT my life is hectic, my home circumstances right now are challenging and if I didn’t do it this way it would NEVER get finished.

I’ve decided that on the 1st day of each calendar month there will be a NEW version of the cookbook FREE to download. It will be much easier for me to add in several new recipes every month and update the book with valuable resources and links to keep it current. If you do not see the recipe you submitted please know that it will be added, just download your new version every month. The Pandemic Pantry cookbook will ALWAYS be free and if anyone would like to send any frugal recipes through please do so to

I sincerely APOLOGISE for the time it has taken me. I sometimes feel like I am trying to climb a greasy pole to complete things as I am time challenged and the last few years, well, what can I say, we’ve all been coping with many things in different ways.

I really want to say THANK YOU to those who sent through their recipes, at last count I was up to 180 something so there will be lots to add over the coming months.

Sending much love and safety to all during these times of uncertainty, whether its medically, economically or with the recent war in Ukraine and the worry of escalation into neighbouring countries, I sincerely wish you all the very best.

C xxxxx

PS: I’ll be doing some of the Pandemic Pantry recipes on my YouTube channel now and again so please subscribe HERE! Thank you.

3rd JANUARY UPDATE: It really is taking me longer than I thought. I'm putting in quite a few hours each day but it takes me around 20 minutes to lay out a recipe. I have another 20+ to do plus write up and charts. In the end we will have around 70 in total. I'll put in another few hours today, I'm back to work tomorrow and will just do my best and realistically aim to get this completed by the end of next weekend.

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! Wishing everyone a very happy and of course healthy 2022. Love this time of year as it can feel like a good time to set positive goals. The first one on my list for 2022 is to finish the first version of the ‘Pandemic Pantry’ cookbook. I’m still busy adding in your recipes and laying the pages out. It is more time consuming than I imagined but I’ve made great headway and I hope to have every single submitted recipe in and laid out nicely by the end of the day. Then tomorrow I’ll need to write up a few pages, add in some conversion charts (as we have recipes from different continents) and finally proof read it all then upload it to my website. It will always be an evolving community cookbook this year as I will always be adding in extra pages if anyone else submits recipes or I add a few more. Thanks once again for all who have sent me through recipes for inclusion. C xxxxx



  • Recipe Card No 1. Pandemic Stew: Download recipe card
  • Recipe Card No 2. Soda Bread + Sundried Tomatoes: Download recipe card
  • Recipe Card No 3. Skirlie + Corned Beef Stovies: Download recipe card
  • Recipe Card No 4.
  • Recipe Card No 5.
  • Recipe Card No 6.
  • Recipe Card No 7.
  • Recipe Card No 8.
  • Recipe Card No 9.
  • Recipe Card No 10.
  • Recipe Card No 11.

With the worrying Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic affecting most countries globally, our everyday lives are taking a different path while our countries try and contain the spread of the virus to a more manageable level.

During this period of uncertainty and adjustment, with some businesses on lockdown, with some people being laid off from work and increasingly empty supermarket shelves, accessibility to services, food, and a safe economy are no longer guaranteed for our shorter-term future. Therefore it’s important we try and pull together, become practical and savvy, make the best of what we’ve got, use our ingenuity and exhibit compassion and kindness for those in need and always ‘keep calm and carry on’.

I’ve set up this page to use as a resource for anything to do with practicality, ingenuity, making the best of what we’ve got and useful information for keeping our ‘home-fronts’ safe and well-fed.

Please keep coming back as I’ll list resources daily, please feel free to submit useful information.

Best wishes, stay safe.

C xxxxx

The Pandemic Pantry FREE online global community cookbook project.

Do you have simple recipes with simple ingredients that you’ve tried and tested? The ingredients should include more readily available food items during these uncertain times or food that is easily storable long term.

I’d like to be useful in some way. Let us ALL build a FREE ‘Pandemic Pantry’ PDF community cookbook that can be used by everyone? I’d like to get this out ASAP so am looking to have it online and ready for anyone who wants to download it. Each recipe that is submitted and used will include your name and, county/state and country after it. (and if you want to submit a small head a shoulders photo with it to be used in the recipe book please feel free).

PLEASE submit your recipes, hints/tips ASAP to

Thank you