A storm is brewing and thank you

I awoke this morning in Narnia..

Once again everything is white. Large snowflakes are falling and environment Canada tells me to expect up to 40 cms (16 inches) of snow by tomorrow afternoon. We’ve yet to have had a major snowfall yet so this will probably be it..

For us, living deep into the countryside, it means we’ll have to wait until the snow has passed before our lane is ploughed so right now we are making preparations incase of a power outage which involves storing water for cooking and washing and flushing the loo. I’ll make another big pot of 1940s veggie stew, cook potatoes and pull out my little gas stove as well as make sure the paraffin lamps are full and we have candles ready. I’ve retrieved the snow shovels and will periodically clear the snow from our front decking and steps and pathway and then we just sit it out…

If everything goes to plan we’ll be out and about on Tuesday.

THANK YOU to some very kind and generous blog donations that have come through Pay-Pal. Although it’s hard for me to accept your generosity, I’m truly grateful … I will enjoy sending out little thank you’s later as we hunker down in Narnia ..

C xxxxxx

5 thoughts on “A storm is brewing and thank you

  1. Dear Carolyn, it is indeed hard to accept help when you’ve always been the giver – but life breathes In and Out. This is your In time. I was in a very bad situation some 15 years ago now, where help (physical and financial) was forced upon me. My helper, when I was in a better state and tried to repay the money, refused, saying that he had once been in dire straits, and this was his way of paying it forward. For those whose lives have been touched and changed by you, being privileged to help just a little is a way of paying it forward.

  2. Hi
    Just to let you know I tried to make a (small) donation via your paypal sign but as soon as I clicked the pp button it just took me to “an error occurred” paypal page.

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