Devonshire Suet Pudding – Recipe No. 211

Finding myself down to my last two vegan sausages and even out of potatoes, I looked to an original recipe pamphlet from 1941 for something I could make fairly quickly, that could fill my tummy and give me energy.

Wartime Recipes by Ambrose Heath came up with the simplest recipe I could imagine that had just two ingredients, flour and suet! It was called “Devonshire Suet Pudding”.

Devonshire Suet Pudding

  • 2 cups of wholemeal flour (any flour will do)
  • 1 cup of shredded suet
  • Pinch of salt
  • Water


  • Add enough water to mix (not sloppy or not stiff)
  • Grease a milk pudding dish or ramekins
  • Place the mixture in the dish and bake at 180-200C for 1 hr (about 25 minutes if split up into ramekins)
  • It should be golden-brown and rise a little when cooking

Serve with meat and gravy, serves 6

TIP: add extra salt, pepper, herbs and fried chop onion for extra taste


6 thoughts on “Devonshire Suet Pudding – Recipe No. 211

  1. You must’ve been doing a lot of cooking indeed to have run out of potatoes Carolyn! I have a few sprouty ones that need using up. Just the thing for the potato biscuits I think.


  2. Oh yes. My mother used to make this and we used to put golden syrup on it. We were encouraged to eat sweet things in those days. Heaven forbid I wouldnt give it to my kids or grandkids! So glad to hear you are feeling good on some of my childhood delights. Keep it up. Franky

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  3. My mum used to make a lovely suet “pudding” topping to go on stew or cottage pie, it was delicious. When my two children were at a particularly ravenous it became a favourite in our house too. I’m eating fewer carbs these days as I could live on suet pudding, dumplings, pastry and toast to the detriment of my protein, veg and fruit intake! If I had a more active lifestyle the WW2 diet would suit me to a T!


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