A walk in the park, a little hope.

This morning made my heart sing! Without going into too much detail, this morning was such an amazing feeling visiting the park with my youngest Em. This is the first time in many years that we’ve been able to do this as they have been struggling. Thought I’d share some of the photos Em took.

There are times we struggle with life. Despite those dark days there will always be a day here and there where the sun reaches through the woodland boughs to illuminate a clearer path offering momentary respite and a glimpse of future hope.

Much love, C xxxxx

15 thoughts on “A walk in the park, a little hope.

  1. Oh this post makes me very happy! With all the tragic and cruel news of the day, you kindly share with us this lovely post and beautiful photos! I never heard of Richard Jeffries and will look him up. And you’re out walking with your youngest! I hope your back pain continues to slowly improve with your WW2 rations. Truly, you inspire me!

  2. So pleased to read about your perfect morning. Thank you for your interesting posts, I find them fascinating.

  3. There’s always hope Carolyn.

    And as the old saying goes… there’s always triumph of hope over adversity.

  4. The site’s been very quiet for the past month.

    Hope everything is okay your end Carolyn, and real life has just been keeping you uber-busy.

    Of course, with Easter not far away, you keep away from those chocolate eggs girl! πŸ˜‰

    An interesting little reference relating to Easter during the War… ‘carrot lollies’ – https://www.devilsporridge.org.uk/easter-on-the-ration

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