Kensington Rarebit – Recipe No. 182

This is a delicious, simple, wartime recipe from the ‘Good Eating’ Daily Telegraph Readers Tested Recipes, published during WW2.

It’s main ingredients are potatoes which I adore but also a I’ve topped mine with a really tasty vegan cheese which melts beautifully and adds a tangy flavour. I’m finding that Applewood Vegan is a great substitute for dairy cheese if you are watching your cholesterol levels or simply wish to avoid dairy for your own personal reasons.

Kensington Rarebit

  • Potatoes (about 1 large potato per person)
  • Cheese
  • Cabbage/Onions (optional)


  1. Scrub potatoes and boil in their skins until cooked.
  2. Once cooked skin (or not) and cut into rather thick slices and put into buttered fireproof dish and cover lightly with grated cheese (I added some seasoning and dried herbs to top as well as some thin raw onion slices)
  3. Bake or place under grill until cheese is melted and slightly brown.
  4. Serve immediately adding salt and pepper to taste.

PS: Shred cabbage and boil in a little water, drain and add to bottom of fireproof dish under the potato slices, this will make more of a complete meal.

11 thoughts on “Kensington Rarebit – Recipe No. 182

  1. That sound lovely, but I am much more excited by the fact that you have Woodsware Beryl! I collect the Jasmine range but I don’t pay a lot for it, it’s all from charity shops.

  2. oh how exciting to see a post from you!! (I always confused the term “rarebit” with “rabbit” and was sure I would not ever make that …… but the true thing looks very good, thank you! ann lee s b.c .

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