Blog to Book Deal- Part 3

Life sticks the knife in you and twist’s it slowly sometimes..

I’m pretty good with slapping a band-aid on those kind of wounds and raising a middle finger to adversity while hollering something about “stomping on it’s spuds”  if it dares to chuck me yet another stone to attach to the cord around my neck..

But the past few months have been sapping my life force, my mojo, my British stiff upper lip, my fighting spirit and on occasions, I have been succumbing to self-pity and defeatism, two attitudes specifically abhorrent to me as normally they are alien to my psyche for more than a fleeting moment..

My literary agent, took a step back and gave me time to get through these difficult times and now she is back and we have a deadline for the book proposal… I have one month to deliver, I work well with tight deadlines and pressure, it becomes all consuming and a challenge and I think this is exactly what I need to distract me from the bigger issues and worries that we are currently facing.

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I know there are many bloggers out there who are interested in “blog to book deals” or self publishing digitally through “Kindle Direct Publishing” via Amazon so I promised to keep you up to date of my own personal journey, whether I am successful or not, as I’m sure it will be of use to someone out there…

Here is part of the guidelines sent to me by my literary agent to assist me in putting together a “killer” book proposal.

Nonfiction book proposals should be divided into the following categories:

1. Overview/Introduction

2. Author Bio

3. Platform/Brand
4. Audience

5. Marketing

6. Format

7. Competitive and Comparative Titles Analysis

8. Chapter Breakdown

9. Sample Chapter


Writing a saleable proposal takes time and effort, and is probably the most important aspect of the book-writing process. An editor’s interest is based on the strength of your proposal and your platform; the more impressive the package, the more commercial the concept, in the editor’s eyes. Although these guidelines may seem daunting, they will help tremendously when you start writing your book and throughout the writing process. Your proposal should be approximately 30-40 pages.



13 thoughts on “Blog to Book Deal- Part 3

  1. Carolyn, I have just read your three posts on the Blog to Book Deal, and I am praying for your success in getting the book out and spreading the word about the healthful effects of the rationed diet. I also pray that you will receive some good income from this project; you deserve the reward. You are doing a wonderful work here. All the best on the book. I can’t wait to buy it!


  2. Yay, go for it! We’re all behind you, your actual readers, who you already have regardless of what any editor may think of your ideas. Don’t forget that you’re already a success.


  3. Thank you everyone xxxx I have some bossy Facebook friends on my back making sure I don’t spend too long on there when I need to be working on the book proposal so I’m cracking on. As always thank you for your support and encouragement!! xxxxx


  4. Good luck! And as for the difficult times you have been going through and getting through, remember ‘everything is copy’! Now crack on with your work!


  5. I want to reserve my copy now, and a copy for my oldest brother and his wife, and I’d like to donate a copy to my local library, so 3 for me please!!!
    I’m sure you’ll do a grand job Carolyn, I’m glad that it seems I’m not the only one who believes in you….


  6. Hi Carolyn,
    Just wondering if you will be covering 1940’s omnivourously, as well as vegetarian, and vegan? I know you are vegan now, but you started the experiment as an omnivore. Don’t answer yet, get on with your proposal (see can’t escape the nagging here either 😉 ).


  7. Yes as I have done this as an omnivore before and was successful I will absolutely be covering it as one with the addition of veganizing recipes too 🙂


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