Going grey and offer accepted on the house

Two significant things have happened this week..

I decided that at 47 years I was no longer going to reach for a bottle of hair dye and instead embrace my silver hair

Deciding to go grey has been totally liberating… to acknowledge that I’ve found enough inner peace and strength to now endure, in my immediate future, at least a year of very weird looking hair while things grow out AND to look forward to a wild mane of silver (no I won’t be cutting my hair short in a nice tidy bob) has made me feel good about myself.

268158_10151314045497361_73364141_nA number of things inspired me to finally take the leap into weird and wonderful  hairdom. First, my curly, raven haired Facebook friend Naomi (who proudly showed the world her emerging skunk stripe) and secondly, all the BEAUTIFUL women on this “Grey and Proud” group on Facebook..

I also liked this article in the Globe and Mail  and especially these quotes from it..

“Long hair is typically equated with unrestrained sexuality … while grey hair is associated with being past it. … This uncanny brew in a woman is clearly a bit much for some people.”

“Her appearance sticks a finger up at the idea we women (and increasingly men too) have to look very precisely groomed to get any respect.”…. (about Mary Beard)

Yesterday had the first viewing of my home and accepted an offer

OK so I’ve had a pretty good track record in selling all our previous homes myself BUT despite the very attractive asking price aimed at a quick sale, my mind was full of self doubt. My Hobbit home had grown tired, needed many repairs and refurbishing and quite frankly my very honest list of repairs totaling $10,000, sent out to all potential viewers, was sure to deter ALL but the very serious.

But the interest came in thick and fast and I awarded the first viewing to a lovely, positive gentleman who had consistently shown interest in the property in the weeks prior to it being ready to view and yesterday he took a tour and was able to see the potential and appreciate the BEAUTY of our private and tranquil location overlooking a small private swimming/row-boat lake.

He offered EXACTLY the figure I wanted and needed and I knew it was a sign to shake on it and call the lawyer.

So now we move forward and I’m keeping my fingers crossed…

C xxxxx

Our lake

13 thoughts on “Going grey and offer accepted on the house

  1. My dear Carolyn, I’m happy to hear that you found the perfect buyer for your home, although I am sorry that you had to sell it. May your new home be the perfect shell for the new reality!

  2. Congratulations on embracing your natural silver highlights. And on selling the house. Best of wishes for the unknown (but adventurous) future. PS Did you see that there is a Wartime Farm Christmas special?

  3. Congratulations on the house sale and also on your feeling enough inner peace to embrace your changing lifestyle and appearance. Go you!

  4. Well done on moving on with moving on with the house.

    I have to say that the lighter hair really suits you; you are right – dont let it become ‘polite’!

  5. Whenever I see steaks of grey in my hair I think it suits me because in most mirrors it actually looks quite blond. It lightens up my face and actually makes me look younger, I think! You probably don’t have many wrinkles either so silver hair may have the same effect on you too. I’m glad you’ve found a buyer for your house. It looks idyllic there so I’m not surprised you have lots of interest.

  6. Carolyn, you are really getting on with things and I admire your practical fortitude. You’re a rock. All the best with the house deal.
    I hope you are happy with your new hair colour as well. I have let mine become salt and pepperish after a lifetime of uniform blonde and I like the colour mix. All the adults loved it, but a young (8yrs) lady of the family said “How come you look so old? Your hair is all grey.” Harrumph!

  7. So pleased for you about the house. I love Mary Beard too, her programmes about Rome and Pompeii were amazing. How is the book coming on? Perhaps you will get a TV show too!! I’m looking forward to getting my copy.

  8. Its cold in Essex so I was craving bread pudding – as you do – but I did not have quite enough bread so I made it up with oats. It worked! Ahhh.

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