Today I am moving forward..

I feel more positive thanks to the support of my friends, some productive e-mails dealing with things I was behind with, and a very patient literary agent. Now I have to make time to do important things in my life that could ultimately be good for my family and I.

Yesterday I spent an hour shoveling snow and also went for a 2 mile hike in freezing blowing snow until I was tired and aching and retired to bed early at 8:30 pm for a good nights sleep.

All seems clearer today. I’m sure I can now see a little light…

Thank you xxxxx

7 thoughts on “Today..

  1. I’m glad you are still in touch with the literary agent. Don’t stop writing. And don’t comfort eat! Both easier said than done, I know.

  2. I was once told that you are never given more than you can bare, so you will get through this difficult time. New adventures to look forward to Caroline. Take care. Rosemary xx

  3. Just dropping by to say I hope you are safe and warm despite the snow this weekend [Feb.9/10]
    Thinking of you.
    Best wishes xxx

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