Please help me…


I work freelance for a social media list making website called . It was started last year by two girlfriends of mine, Caroline and Bertie and they have lived and breathed their dream of a social media start-up created by women (and trust me this is quite rare) and from a personal level I so want their dream to succeed..


Out of thousands, Wrappler has been selected and is now on the first short-list and these girls want more than anything to get through to the next short-list of 50 and this will happen by PUBLIC VOTE…

Am asking you from the bottom of my heart, for a favour which is to CLICK a LIKE BUTTON for this GIRL POWER team and give them the chance to be one of a handful of people selected to climb ‘Mount Kilimanjaro’ with some of the most knowlegeable and powerful tech entrepreneurs in the world. It is a huge opportunity for these ladies…


It’s wonderful what can happen with a little people power and hoping your clicking will make this happen for them.




Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has….




1940s and wartime wish-lists!


Some of you may already know, but for those who are passing by and new to the blog and don’t, I work as a freelancer and mostly at the moment working on creating lists and doing some web admin for a new social media list-making website called WRAPPLER!

Well today WRAPPLER officially launched it’s proper website. Bertie, Ben and Caroline, who’s baby it is, are understandably very excited as this has taken literally several months and thousands of man hours of very hard work to get to this stage. It looks absolutely great!

You can take a look at the main website by CLICKING HERE and please feel free to sign up and make lists or just browse, leave comments or add items to playful lists… any feedback is appreciated xx

ALSO (and here is the exciting bit for us 1940s nostalgia lovers) there are over a dozen 1940s lists already created by blog readers which include, 1940s clothing, books, shoes, costumes, signs, music and so much more. I’m looking forward to adding in more and if you do a list of your own please share the link here, it’s such fun browsing lists that other people have made.




Mother’s Day – Win a bouquet of Interflora Flowers, a VE Day Newspaper & Woman’s War Memory Pack


Here is a great Mother’s Day contest you just have to enter!   Win a bouquet of Interflora Flowers, a VE Day Newspaper & Woman’s War Memory Pack

Goto WRAPPLERS Facebook page

LIKE the page

POST a photo of you and your MUM on Wrappler’s Facebook page and leave a short description with the name 1940s Experiment at the end (so I know you’ve come from my website and you’ll get the replica vintage goodies if you win!)

SHARE your entry on Facebook to pass the word on.




A beautiful Mother’s Day bouquet from Interflora (if your Mum is no longer with us Wrappler will make a donation to the charity/cause of your choice in remembrance of your Mother)

A replica VE Day Newspaper

A Woman’s War replica pack

Get Wrapplering and enter now!





Moved house, choccies and a man


Just a quick update- I have no internet or phone so snatching a quick few moments at work..

We’ve moved house and I’ve been in the bomb shelter. My new house is full of unpacked bags, and I’m off for my second date with a sparkly eyed, beardy man on Friday.. (who I had a great coffee morning with last week). He’s a lovely man…am soooo excited.

Oh and my work is giving away VALENTINE’s CHOCOLATES!

I’m tired as hell, ache all over but am smiling a LOT.

Can’t wait to tell you more about everything…

In the meantime it would mean a lot to me if you could pop over to where I work and enter their fab contest to win a lovely box of Valentine’s Chocolates..

All you have to do is go to WWW.WRAPPLER.COM , sign up and make a little Valentine’s Day list of your perfect Valentine’s Day treats. Share your list with Wrappler on Facebook and dedicate it to someone and we’ll put you into our draw to win a box of Valentine’s Day choccies..

Winner will be chosen on Feb 11th..


Help me- just a bit of fun


Well I can’t cook and food or post any recipes while I’m at work but I’m hoping you can help me out and have a bit of fun!

Ugly Christmas Sweaters! 

Can you help me? I’m trying to put together the worst/hideous/ugly looking Christmas sweaters…make a list of the worst of the worst…do you have any links to any you’ve seen on line that are just so damn awful you think I should add them to this list?

Thanks in advance!!

All change…


It’s funny how the world works. I seemingly had come to the end of the road again. After 5 months of job hunting I came to the realization that not having worked in the UK for over 10 years, was a huge stumbling block to do the jobs I really wanted to do. I don’t have a marketing degree or anything fancy like that, just life experience. With no job, I also came to the realization, that even if I did have one, it would be impossible to afford the rent on this WONDERFUL house we have been so happy in since moving back to the UK. My practical head took over, we’d have to find somewhere smaller and much cheaper.

That’s when I found that the majority of landlords, through letting agencies, won’t accept tenants that claim housing benefit, and if they do they require a guarantor… I had just started to claim and now it looked like I’d find it impossibly difficult to find a cheaper place to rent.

And then something quite wonderful happened.

A friend e-mailed me, she wanted to invest in property and would be looking for a 4 bedroom house. Would I be interested in considering moving in as a tenant and if so how about I find properties I liked the look of and send her my list! It’s not everyday one receives an e-mail that appears to be an answer to all your prayers…

To cut a long story short she went to see some of the houses on the list and liked the one that I had liked the look of. She went to see it, it had a WW2 bomb shelter in the basement, it was meant to be..

I went to see it yesterday…it’s a GREAT place! If everything moves forward as planned we’ll be moving in end of January..


wrapplerAND if that wasn’t enough excitement for one day I GOT A JOB!! A creative and exciting job with a new social media start up company called WRAPPLER!  Yesterday I went to Wrappler HQ and it was agreed I’d do 16 hours per week, 4 days a week. I’ll essentially be doing what I do best, creating, communicating, getting excited, promoting and working hard for something I truly believe will be GREAT! 

So Monday I sign off (yay!) and venture forth into an exciting future.

Not physically working, not being productive has been taking it’s toll so this has come at the perfect time.

I’m REALLY happy!!!!

C xxxx


Finally, today I am sending out everyone’s replica ration books and the home-front memory pack to all those who entered the recent 1940s Wish List contest… I THINK I have all the addresses (and wow they come from all over the planet!!!) but if I find you haven’t sent your mailing address to me I will send a reminder.

1940s Wish-Lists- Win a Home-Front Memory Pack


I’ve been doing some volunteer testing on a new “start-up” social media website recently. WRAPPLER launched last Friday, I’m terribly excited for the people involved as not only are they friends of mine, here in Nottingham, but it also puts women on the map of ‘Social Media’ above and beyond blogging (which women are fab at lets face it LOL!)

WRAPPLER is their baby, it’s a damn useful free service and its addictive and it’s fun! Essentially it’s a website for keeping ALL your lists on, wrap lists, crap lists, fun lists, useful lists, birthday lists, wedding lists, Christmas lists… I even made a LUXURY list the other day just incase I ever hit the jackpot on the lottery! Strangely enough all my luxury items evolve around food and drink. Click here and you can see what I mean! The copper pans are obscenely expensive but the curves and their beauty make my throat dry..


I’ve started putting together a 1940s WWII Wish-List with items I’d love to own. I’m adding to my list as I find things and now I know I’ll never lose my list. Top of my wish-list is a very simple War Department Naafi Sign for a fiver… the nostalgia is oozing from my pores. SEE MY LIST HERE!

Bertie, Caroline and Ben Wrappler have worked so hard on their idea, their dream and they have been so good to me, helping my family and I move to Nottingham and settle that I’d like to try and support their venture in anyway I can so I’m running a little competition that I hope you’ll enter.


Go to WRAPPLER, sign up and make your own 1940s Wish List (please call it that) and list 5 items or more on your list and then share it on Facebook (there is a Facebook button) and/or paste your link below or send it to me at so I can post it on my blog.

All entries will go into a hat and I will draw 5 at random. The first drawn will win a wonderful Home-Front Memory Pack that contains so many wonderful replica WWII items and the 4 runners up will receive a replica ration book. The competition closes on November 15 just 7 days from now. If you don’t win don’t worry as I will have some memory packs and rations books for sale after that date and they will be very inexpensive.

Can’t wait to see what you put on your lists so I can pinch them and add them to mine 🙂 Heehee!

Thank you for supporting my friends and WRAPPLER and above all STRONG, CLEVER, WOMEN!!!

C xxxxx

PS: Remember- once you have made your list on WRAPPLER send me the link!

ENTRIES – Please check out these great 1940s Wish-Lists!

Iris –

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Proud Country Gal

Marinka  (needs to be made public Marinka so we can see it)

Vanessa  (needs to be made public Vanessa so we all can see it)

Flossie  (it says your list is empty- need to add 5 thinmgs)

Ronda- (Ronda you need to add another 4 items to your list to be entered in to the contest xx )