1940s and wartime wish-lists!


Some of you may already know, but for those who are passing by and new to the blog and don’t, I work as a freelancer and mostly at the moment working on creating lists and doing some web admin for a new social media list-making website called WRAPPLER!

Well today WRAPPLER officially launched it’s proper website. Bertie, Ben and Caroline, who’s baby it is, are understandably very excited as this has taken literally several months and thousands of man hours of very hard work to get to this stage. It looks absolutely great!

You can take a look at the main website by CLICKING HERE and please feel free to sign up and make lists or just browse, leave comments or add items to playful lists… any feedback is appreciated xx

ALSO (and here is the exciting bit for us 1940s nostalgia lovers) there are over a dozen 1940s lists already created by blog readers which include, 1940s clothing, books, shoes, costumes, signs, music and so much more. I’m looking forward to adding in more and if you do a list of your own please share the link here, it’s such fun browsing lists that other people have made.





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