FREE Wartime cook book to download


Thanks to a heads up from ‘Cynthia’, I’ve just been over to ‘’ and downloaded this fabulous book called ‘Cookery in Wartime’..

And as Cynthia let me know, I’m letting you know as it’s an opportunity too good to miss!

Please CLICK HERE to go to Snoodle Bugs website and click on the link to download.


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12 thoughts on “FREE Wartime cook book to download

  1. That book has my name written on the top right hand corner!


    • Seriously?? LOL! Well the image is from the page in the blog I’ve linked to. xxxx That’s a coincidence! xxx

  2. Looking at the publication date, it would appear that the book was published before rationing started. How does it stack up to to ration limits ?(Well not limits, more like challenges)

    • I had a flick through last night and I can see its written in anticipation of rationing starting in 1940, but they are too generous with cheese and eggs because I guess they didn’t really know just how much these would be cut back… Good recipes, most can be easily modified to use less cheese, eggs, meat šŸ™‚

  3. Thank you Snoodlebug and Carolyn for sharing this. Can’t wait to get started on some of them. I noticed the amounts of ingredients was rather generous, especially with eggs, bacon and onions. It goes to show how fast things changed when the war started in earnest.

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  5. Thanks Carolyn for the link

    I will have to play with it to read it on my computer, but that is the challenge in it self as it doesn’t copy as PDF file. I will find a way to read it better instead of side ways and as screen print only download. Something to do this weekend. I hope I am the only one with this problem.

    I will let you know when I get to read properly.

  6. Carolyn thank you again for this link.
    I did manage to get to read this text.

    This cookbook must have been one of the first ones printed. 4 bananas in one recipe .

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