How on earth did the blog pass 2 million …

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Not sure how it passed but last week this little old blog passed the 2 million visits mark… seems strange that, but I think it is testament to the global blogging community as a whole, we all have a genuine interest in each other or certain topics that are useful to us.

Anyway- I just wanted to say thank you for your continuing support (125,000 visits in March!) and will be adding more re-created 1940s recipes regularly as there are several back logged on my camera!


I’ve had a cold this past week and have been unable to go to the gym as its been sitting on my chest and start coughing like crazy on exertion,  BUT have still managed lots of gentle walking. Richard and I have been walking plenty, out in the fresh air and when he isn’t visiting here or I’m not visiting there, I’ve been taking a walk every day. Hoping to get back to the gym as soon as the cold clears.


You may have seen this picture doing the rounds so I wanted to add it to my blog… because I happen to think what this lady did was brave and was right. She refused to let Shape magazine run an article on her weight-loss because they allegedly refused to let her pose in a bikini like most of their other weight-loss stories, probably because of the extra skin she has on her stomach, which is quite normal for someone having lost 172 lbs (amazing job Brooke!)

Here is the article in the Daily Mail  CLICK HERE

And here is Brookes Blog (which by the way keeps crashing right now because of all the visitors to it!)

Lets send her some love!

C xxxxx

3 thoughts on “How on earth did the blog pass 2 million …

  1. Wow. over 2 mill, amazing. I also agree with you about the lady who lost all that weight. Our bodies are the map of our lives. every wrinkle, lump, bump and saggy bit has a story to tell. I would rather have my belly and my scars et al than a ‘perfect’ plastic body that I am so busy working on I can’t enjoy my life. there would be no life and nothing to see on my body. It’s the flaws that make us all so wonderful. so up yours shape magazine.

  2. My sentiments exactly auntiejax.

    I have a plaque on my wall that says,
    “When I was young I used to skinny dip…Now I just chunky dunk.”

  3. Woo Hoo! Congrats. I saw that and wondered what your secret was! It must be your awesomeness. Thanks for sharing the picture. I agree. Bravery. I don’t think I could be that brave!

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