Food diary- Thursday May 8, 2014

The Marple and District WI displayed this at their last meeting… gulp!

I think I need to start writing down what I am eating so I can keep a track of things better so some days you’ll probably find a menu and/or some photos appear randomly… I think it will help.

Am also beginning to stress about doing my very first talk on my blog in front of an audience in two weeks time because I HAVE to actually stand up in front of people and talk and this is one of my biggest fears in life (Crazy isn’t it! It’s not as if I could lose my life or anything!!). I think part of it is I’m still a big girl, a very big girl with a 100 lbs left to lose but also that I freeze, go red and just want the ground to swallow me up.

BUT I’m gonna do it…. one has to face their demons face on (I’m talking metaphorically here as I know the sixty odd ladies from Marple WI who will be listening are going to be simply lovely and not like demons at all!)

So anyway… (gulp!..)

Here is what I have eaten today..

Breakfast: Sauted spinach/mushrooms/tomatoes on two slices of toast (had some soft tomatoes and going brown mushrooms that needed eating up- I often have kale or spinach on toast for breakfast if I’m not up to porridge) 400 cals ish

Lunch: Kale and other veg stew plus 1 oz of cheese plus two slices of bread 700 cals ish

Dinner/Supper:  Oslo meal (without cheese) and a slice of eggless sponge



10 thoughts on “Food diary- Thursday May 8, 2014

  1. Morning Carolyn, you will be fantastic and I know once you have done the first talk you will be fine, just remember people want to hear what you have to say and imagine you are just chatting as you do to all your newfound virtual friends…you will just be able to see them!!!…what a treat!!….I keep meaning to write down what Im eating, without being able to get out much now due to being a 24/7 Carer I bake far too much and of course have to eat it.!!…its so easy to get into bad habits but I am looking at much healthier options so hope to get back to blogging about it again!……oh and you inspire me so much with your positive attitude and I am so pleased to have you as my virtual friend!….love to Mr Tiddles too!

  2. Hi Carolyn, once you get started it will be fine. When I had to speak at our daughters wedding I tried it out aloud first, just to get used to the sound of my own voice. It does help. Take your time and if it helps concentrate on someone in the back row who looks friendly. I know they will love you, you have so much to tell and you have a lovely friendly speaking voice. Good luck, we will all be cheering you on. I wish I could be there x

  3. Thanks…I think the thought of having to speak for at least 30 minutes is terrifying me!!! Maybe I could wing in for 5 minutes but….LOL! Will have Mr Tiddles with me for moral support so I can stare at his face!!! 🙂 Thanks for the encouragement xxxxxxx

  4. Hi Carolyn, congratulations and good luck with your speech. You’ll do just fine once you get going. You’ve come a long way and yes, you still have a way to go, but you can do it. So sayeth the cheering section.

  5. Writing down what you’re eating is a tremendous help when it comes to staying focussed. I’ve done it in various ways over the years, from the little pieces of paper I used to get at WW meetings, to jotting it down in my diary and most recently simply by setting up a second blog just purely to do that. I found myself posting it on my ‘ordinary’ blog at one stage so often that I never posted anything else – so I just made a new one. I do love blogging so, get to do whatever I want. Need to get back to doing proper meal plans though, they’ve gone out the window recently.
    Good luck with your talk. I’m sure you’ll be fine. You did a good job in that video for the paper. And let’s face it, you really know your topic!

  6. Did you eat the same things for Dinner? You described breakfast and lunch but not what you had for dinner.

  7. You’re going to be great, Carolyn! As Moonwaves said, “You really know your topic!” so you’ve got loads to talk about. Plus, you’ve already done an amazing talk on Radio Nottingham. It was so brilliant it brought tears to my eyes. Anyway, everyone who says they’re nervous ends up giving a brilliant speech. Plus, I’ll be there to chip in if you dry up. I know a fair bit about this subject too – after all, I’ve been reading this blog for two years now!

  8. Hi Carolyn, it’s great to be introduced to your blog by our WI member Joss. Admittedly I have only just seen this blog so forgive my ignorance. I would just like to reassure you that , as a member of the WI who you will be talking to, you will be fantastic. We all really love to learn new information and will give positive support all the way. I can honestly say to everyone who has to talk in front of the WI, including myself, remember, we want to be there listening to you. We are all a mixture of sizes and as women together we just respect each other for who we are. As one of the bloggers suggested look at someone smiling at the back of the room, that can be me. Really looking forward to meeting you and tasting some of your recipes that our tea ladies will be making that evening for us to have with our ritual cups of tea/coffee or glass of wine !

    • Thank you Joanne… its the first time I have EVER spoken to a crowd of people and it is my biggest fear but I know you will all be lovely and although I am worried am so looking forward to it xxxx

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