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The baked potatoes are making a return to my diet regularly. Late afternoon, when my energy is taking a dip, a large baked potato often comes to the rescue served with something containing veggies. Today I modified a wartime Ministry of Food veg curry recipe slightly by using what vegetables I had to hand which was marrow, leeks and tomatoes.

The baked potato served with a marrow and leek curry cost me about £1 to make and was roughly around 500 cals. I didn’t use any fat.

I’m still eating over 2000 cals most days so I need to make some changes there and rein that in a little bit, just have a little bit less on my plate instead of piling it up.

It was day 2 at the gym today and it went very well but boy do I ache in places I never thought possible! No pain, no gain as they say!

C xxx

PS: Here is the video that Barcroft Media did in my kitchen. They asked me to make mock turkey and talk about how I had lost weight in 2012 (80lbs) living on just wartime rations. It’s still hard for me to look at myself as I know there is so much still to lose but in many ways it also helps…



11 thoughts on “Food and fitness

  1. Hi Caroline, I have only just begun to read your blog after discovering it by mistake whilst searching online for a recipe for a war time seeded batch loaf. I’m hooked. I am fascinated by the stories of war time and way of life durng that era. We have moved last year to a 1930s property complete with WW2 bunker, all in original condition. It’s fab! Very good for a cool beer in the summer!
    Your story is very inspiring and I wish you good luck with your routine. I have been inspired to try some of the receipes as I love to cook too.
    Kindest Regards


  2. Carolyn, you’re so enigmatic! You’re looking marvelous in the video. Oh! And thanks for introducing me the Anzac biscuits, they’re delicious– I never make them too often though because I eat them all so quickly!


    • Sara, make a big batch today (April 25th) it’s Anzac day!!! Well it is here in Australia and New Zealand, and a spectacularly emotional day of rememberance so a big batch of bikkies (sorry for the slang, had to be done) is needed. They are too yummy not to have.


      • Way ahead of you, KC! They’re cooked and cooling as I type. My husband doesn’t even know what Anzac Day is, but he’s well acquainted with the biscuits– now if only I could get him interested in the history.


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