A month at the gym


Looking at longer term goals, there are many things on my bucket list I want to do. Most involve a level of fitness..

Perhaps two of the more easier attainable goals are to get back into hiking and to learn how to cycle again (Richard cycled throughout Europe in his past and his stories are inspiring me so much). Both however need a better level of fitness than I currently have and of course continuing weight loss.

To hasten weight loss and to get to the stage where I can hike 5 or 10 kms again, I need to exercise more so when I saw that http://www.puregym.com were offering a no joining fee/ no contract membership at just £18.99 per month, I had to take the opportunity to do a month to get me kick-started. It’s also just around the corner from me..

So this morning I set off at 7:30am to do an hour and it went very well I thought. First I did 1 km on the treadmill doing the ‘rolling hills’ setting, then 5 km on the bike on the ‘rolling hills’ setting and maintained my pulse at around 125. Following that I did some rope work for arms and shoulders then some resistance work for thighs and abdomen and finally went back to the treadmill and did a 1 km jog (pulse about 160) Was soooo pleased at my first attempt!!


There is something else on my bucket list for further down the road, hiking in Peru and ultimately hiking up to Machu Picchu… not something that I could do right now but take off 100 lbs and a year or two of getting fit and suddenly anything is possible especially with such a lovely man holding my hand.

I’m so happy right now 🙂

What dreams do you have?

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  1. They sound like great goals!

    I want to get slim/fit enough to be able to ride a trike (oh and be slim enough to fit in a aeroplane seat over to Japan)

    • Ooo a trike!!! 🙂

      BTW on my way to the US I had to use an extender belt in the aeroplane (because I do have a huge tummy) but on the way back I found that by lifting up the tummy and putting the belt underneath it I didn’t have to use one… I hate having to ask for an extender 🙁 I hope you get to go to Japan!! xx

      • Yep – at the moment I really hate how I look, but as soon as I get slim enough we plan to buy the trike (pushbike trike!) and then hopefully I will start to tone up, Japan is a wonderful dream that we hope to accomplish in the next 10 years!!

  2. Wow, you must be fairly fit to do what you did on your first scession but you are right you will need to be fitter to handle altitude for Machu Picchu.

  3. Wow, I wouldn’t have been able for that much at a gym, that’s for sure. Well done!
    I prevaricated on cycling after moving here because I had attempted it a year or so beforehand in Ireland and barely made it from the bikeshop (where I’d just had a service done on a borrowed bike) back home. It wasn’t far and the hill wasn’t that steep but I still had to get off and push at one stage. And I’m heavier and even less fit now. But last year I did actually do it and discovered the amazing fact that cycling in Dublin might have defeated me but cycling in Dusseldorf is a breeze. It’s so flat here and that makes a huge difference. So I’ll be getting myself a bike better suited to me than the second-hand men’s bike I got for very cheap just to try it out. By next summer I’d love to be able to contemplate going for a biking holiday, maybe even cycling for three or four hours a day.

    • I think using an exercise bike and real cycling are worlds apart (as is jogging and walking on a treadmill and in real life) but am hoping that by going on the exercise bike, when it comes to the time to ride a real bike, hopefully it won’t be such a shock!

      I think your plan sounds wonderful! Would love to hear more about your adventures and where you end up cycling if you go on a biking holiday! Fantastic! xxxx

  4. You go girl! That’s a great first start, just keep your eyes on the prize and you’ll be there in no time.
    The only thing I ever had on my bucket list…travel-wise…was to make it to England. Ever since I was a child I’ve yearned to go there. The weight I need to lose will help with my health issues then I’ll be able to enjoy it more.

  5. The nice thing about going to the gym is that your progress is measurable. Likewise, with the scales. If I hadn’t weighed myself this morning I wouldn’t have realised that I’d lost nearly three pounds over night since going back on your diet after Easter! What are my dreams? Well, I’d like to go back to India but I’m not sure I want to have all those jabs again. So instead, I’d like to learn Bollywood dancing. I think I’m almost fit enough, but losing a few more pounds would make bouncing around an awful lot easier!

    • You are right! Richard and I were just talking on the phone about your comment and how fitness and well being is measurable- its not about the numbers really but more to do with what you eat and drink and keeping fit. xxx Ooo Bollywood dancing- will have to look that up!

  6. Gym Socks and Piqued Fitness

    My name is Maureen and I am a Gymaphobic

    One who was quite content living a life that did not include the word “aerobic”

    But then my so-called best friend blackmailed me into signing up for a three-month gym membership

    Believe me, she couldn’t have frightened me more if she’d said, “Come on, we’re going to a bar and you’re going to strip”

    Weighing two hundred and fifty pounds with distinctive rolls and folds I spent a life time shying away from embarrassment

    But once you accept the position of friend you’re sunk because that’s an uncompromising commitment

    So I showed up the first day with many a muttered curse

    Figured the least I could do was check out the Hunks while holding her purse

    The trainer said “Warm up on the exercise cycle by just peddling your feet”

    I did a double take and turned as white as a sheet

    Said, “No way, you’d have to surgically remove that seat”

    But he insisted with dismissive insistence

    So I showed him my moves of passive resistance

    Sipped water, wound my watch, adjusted bra straps and retied shoelaces

    Then trod down once on the stair climber while making pained faces

    I shouldn’t have bothered panting and going to all that trouble

    For he just smiled and said, “You’re as light on your feet as a floating soap bubble”

    Which of course stroked the ego of the treacherous Optimist inside of me

    And made ‘Her’ think since you are here anyways you might as well just try and see

    But I didn’t get to be so bone idle

    By giving in so easily to ‘Her’ thoughts so suicidal

    So during the strength training I moaned and groaned while miming Olympic effort

    And could not believe how much so little hurt

    On the treadmill the speed thingy didn’t even register

    And the spinning class just became a hyperventilating blur

    Yoga had me bending and folding my trembling and burning limbs into knots

    While clenching and unclenching my buttocks into obscene thrusts and squats

    The frustrated Pilates instructor could not even find my core

    And I swear after the ball stretches even my earlobes were sore

    I pretended to pass out from saline deprivation

    And held my breath to cause a pulse monitor fluctuation

    Spritzed my underarms for that unhealthy glowing sheen

    Jammed my foot into the workings of the rowing machine

    Took a snooze while laid out on the icky floor mat

    Sang along with the pumped up music but deliberately went flat

    And when the Jazzercise Bully yelled out “Another two reps of ten”

    I prayed aloud “Dear God, please take her right now, Amen”

    I apologized but then accidentally slingshot her in the boob

    With that very tricky and dangerous rubber tube

    Then to prove I had all the wrong stuff I pushed the edge of the envelope

    By getting into a shoving match over a skipping rope

    After a week the staff begged me to quit and offered a double refund

    I declined and was gratified when they looked suitably stunned

    And although I admit I was hurt when the members voted me least likely to succeed

    I held my head high and took it on the chins because in my friend’s eyes I saw a need

    So I kept showing up every day with the utmost ill will

    Determined to keep my stupid promise unless and until

    And to my shock and horror even with the exercise philosophy of “no pain, no pain”

    A tiny spark of hope was born that maybe this month, just possibly, I wouldn’t gain

    Sixty days later, I was still waiting for those endorphins to kick in

    And faithfully doubted that I would ever be what you’d call physically fit or thin

    But then there came a glorious moment when I bent over and touched my toes

    So we went out on a shopping spree for cute exercise clothes

    Another month went by and although I’ve always believed that the road to Hell was paved with intentional exercise

    It is amazing how your mind can adjust to just about anything once you’ve lost an inch off your dimpled thighs

    And how odd it was to discover as my fitness prejudices started to unravel

    That Mrs. Stay-at-Home suddenly liked to travel

    And yet I still counted the minutes until our contract expired

    Ready for the split second my Nike’s could be bronzed and retired

    But Friend got me tipsy on organic wine and then on a hangover whim

    We stole the grocery money and rejoined the gym

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