1940s Wish-Lists- Win a Home-Front Memory Pack


I’ve been doing some volunteer testing on a new “start-up” social media website recently. WRAPPLER launched last Friday, I’m terribly excited for the people involved as not only are they friends of mine, here in Nottingham, but it also puts women on the map of ‘Social Media’ above and beyond blogging (which women are fab at lets face it LOL!)

WRAPPLER is their baby, it’s a damn useful free service and its addictive and it’s fun! Essentially it’s a website for keeping ALL your lists on, wrap lists, crap lists, fun lists, useful lists, birthday lists, wedding lists, Christmas lists… I even made a LUXURY list the other day just incase I ever hit the jackpot on the lottery! Strangely enough all my luxury items evolve around food and drink. Click here and you can see what I mean! The copper pans are obscenely expensive but the curves and their beauty make my throat dry..


I’ve started putting together a 1940s WWII Wish-List with items I’d love to own. I’m adding to my list as I find things and now I know I’ll never lose my list. Top of my wish-list is a very simple War Department Naafi Sign for a fiver… the nostalgia is oozing from my pores. SEE MY LIST HERE!

Bertie, Caroline and Ben Wrappler have worked so hard on their idea, their dream and they have been so good to me, helping my family and I move to Nottingham and settle that I’d like to try and support their venture in anyway I can so I’m running a little competition that I hope you’ll enter.


Go to WRAPPLER, sign up and make your own 1940s Wish List (please call it that) and list 5 items or more on your list and then share it on Facebook (there is a Facebook button) and/or paste your link below or send it to me at 1940sexperiment@gmail.com so I can post it on my blog.

All entries will go into a hat and I will draw 5 at random. The first drawn will win a wonderful Home-Front Memory Pack that contains so many wonderful replica WWII items and the 4 runners up will receive a replica ration book. The competition closes on November 15 just 7 days from now. If you don’t win don’t worry as I will have some memory packs and rations books for sale after that date and they will be very inexpensive.

Can’t wait to see what you put on your lists so I can pinch them and add them to mine 🙂 Heehee!

Thank you for supporting my friends and WRAPPLER and above all STRONG, CLEVER, WOMEN!!!

C xxxxx

PS: Remember- once you have made your list on WRAPPLER send me the link!

ENTRIES – Please check out these great 1940s Wish-Lists!

Iris – http://www.wrappler.com/meat/list/121

Kate – http://www.wrappler.com/meat/list/122

Jaime- http://www.wrappler.com/meat/list/129

Pamela- http://www.wrappler.com/meat/list/139

Lindsay-  http://www.wrappler.com/meat/list/145

Nancy- http://www.wrappler.com/list/149/1940s_WISH_LIST

Marian- http://www.wrappler.com/meat/list/132

Aarlene http://www.wrappler.com/meat/list/148

Caterina http://www.wrappler.com/meat/list/150

Proud Country Gal http://www.wrappler.com/meat/list/149#contentstart

Marinka http://www.wrappler.com/meat/list/152#contentstart  (needs to be made public Marinka so we can see it)

Vanessa http://www.wrappler.com/meat/list/125  (needs to be made public Vanessa so we all can see it)

Flossie http://www.wrappler.com/meat/list/168  (it says your list is empty- need to add 5 thinmgs)

Ronda- http://www.wrappler.com/meat/list/130 (Ronda you need to add another 4 items to your list to be entered in to the contest xx )

24 thoughts on “1940s Wish-Lists- Win a Home-Front Memory Pack

  1. You’re right it is great fun! I’ve pinched two of your ideas off your list- the enamel vintage style flour shaker and the GPO Bakelite style phone!!! Thanks for sharing your list! xxxx

  2. I just luurve that phone…and its actually cheaper on amazon so your friends are doing a grand job with Wrappler….I hope they do really well with it.. I think it is a fab idea!…be so cool if they make millions… then they can buy you all the things on your lottery list…keep adding Carolyn…keep adding!!!!!

  3. I agree- it is a great idea and perfect for someone like me who makes loads of lists but ends up losing them all! Thanks for supporting them by using it too- really appreciate that xxxxx

  4. I love your website. Stay strong! I hope you can help me or at least know of someone who could help me. I am looking for a copy of the actual law concerning the Controlled Commodities of 1941 (CC-41). I’m particularly interested in the British women’s Utility clothes. I’ve read that the dresses were supposed to have no more than 4 buttons, one pleat and no pockets. But, I’ve seen pictures of clothes that were supposed to be CC-41 compliant which have many buttons, several pleats and pockets. Do you know where I could possibly find a copy of the actual wording of the law concerning the clothing? I’ve searched the internet, but being in the US, I’m not finding the answers and our libraries don’t even know about CC-41! (At least, the one in my town doesn’t).

  5. I made my list but I don’t know how to link it to you. I’m sorry, but, I’m not very computer savvy. Can you tell me how to do it?

    • Hi Marian

      Go to your list once you’ve logged on to Wrappler…

      Go up to the top of the page where you see the web address along the top

      Click on the web address and it should highlight in blue

      Click the right button on your mouse on the highlighted text and select copy

      Leave a comment here and click the right button on your mouse and select paste

      This should then leave the web address on the page

      Alternatively- just go to your list and just make a note of the number at the end of the web address and type the number down in the comment you leave! I can work out the rest xxxx

  6. Ooooh

    I want to do a luxury list, maybe someone will read them and buy us both one of those mixers!

    I shall put wrappler on my list of things to look up 😉

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