Moved house, choccies and a man


Just a quick update- I have no internet or phone so snatching a quick few moments at work..

We’ve moved house and I’ve been in the bomb shelter. My new house is full of unpacked bags, and I’m off for my second date with a sparkly eyed, beardy man on Friday.. (who I had a great coffee morning with last week). He’s a lovely man…am soooo excited.

Oh and my work is giving away VALENTINE’s CHOCOLATES!

I’m tired as hell, ache all over but am smiling a LOT.

Can’t wait to tell you more about everything…

In the meantime it would mean a lot to me if you could pop over to where I work and enter their fab contest to win a lovely box of Valentine’s Chocolates..

All you have to do is go to WWW.WRAPPLER.COM , sign up and make a little Valentine’s Day list of your perfect Valentine’s Day treats. Share your list with Wrappler on Facebook and dedicate it to someone and we’ll put you into our draw to win a box of Valentine’s Day choccies..

Winner will be chosen on Feb 11th..


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