How-to make a vintage style tiered cake stand

Today I was lusting after these fabulous cake stands for sale at ‘The Vintage Tableware Company’. I still harbour dreams of doing a 1940s Supper Club when the time is right and I’m finally settled (moving house in 7 days!) and would look adorable with my mixed vintage cups and saucers and tea plates.. alas my funds need to be used for real-life right now but it’s always lovely to dream..


And then I went to their website and saw this picture on the front page of their website above and thought THIS is what I want. A vintage/retro little shop selling beautiful, twee, feel good, yesteryear goodies… a 1940s shop. maybe even with a small tea-room attached…. oh yes


And then Melody on my 1940s Experiment Facebook page posted a link to a website that tells you how you can make your own, tiered cake stand made out of old plates and I thought if I had a drill I might give that a go. So I had to also share that here because I know you will love it- just like I do!


C xxx

5 thoughts on “How-to make a vintage style tiered cake stand

  1. I bought a lovely vintage tiered cake stand on Ebay for a fiver!… know me and my vintage bargains…got enough here to open a shop already….and a cake shop, tearoom sounds divine….can I have a job there please!!!….have a lovely weekend…soon be in your new home!

    • Thanks Kate- I’ve been reading the Nella books BTW (I save them for long train journeys and am absorbed)… and the Supper Club book is gonna come in to its own, I know it 🙂 If everything goes to plan I have a real life bomb shelter in my house- you know I’m gonna rig it up with war time sounds and frighten guests! Doesn’t that photo of their shop in the middle look amazing! So pretty! xxxx

      • It’s a cellar that has been reinforced to make a bomb shelter during the war 🙂 I’ve only seen the cellar once and it still has its girder up rights and supporting beams and some corrugated iron lining on the ceiling! 🙂

  2. The Vintage Tableware Co. is just one more reminder that I need to move to the UK. (That and the fact that your television shows are so much better. We just don’t come up with shows like “Call the Midwife” here across the pond!)

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