What do you think of these then?

shoesFound these yesterday in the ‘British Heart Foundation’ Charity Shop for just a fiver!

I thought they were rather vintage looking and would go perfectly with my red dress (when I can fit into it so it looks good on me- its stretched tight right now!!)

The aim is to fit into the dress and wear the shoes (and the white gloves and vintage handbag I was gifted) to my first public speaking engagement at the Women’s Institute in May..

Gotta have goals… what are yours?

C xxx

12 thoughts on “What do you think of these then?

  1. Perfect shoes! I’m a great believer in “the Great Spirit will provide…..”, obviously, the Great Spirit IS a woman…..who else could provide such perfect shoes for you! Look forward to seeing pictures of the whole package in May!


    • Oh good luck with that- please let me know how it goes! If ever you fancy telling us about it and want to share any photos (maybe you’ll do a post on your website/blog about it) please let me know and I’ll link to it xxx


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