Life and blog plans

I’m finally all moved in and getting to know things….

There still remains 23 bags and boxes to unpack (all piled up in my bedroom) but for now they can stay there as there is much to do. I have no phone and still limited and sporadic internet connection so forgive my lack of postings..

This could also be to do with the fact that I’ve been seeing rather a lot more of a lovely man I met in January. He loves cooking too and reads through my wartime recipe books.  I WILL be cooking him wartime food..never fear 🙂

I feel a connection with him, I think he feels the same 🙂 I love spending time with him and he makes me happy!

It’s time for me to knuckle down though and make a forward plan to get back in the kitchen and start cooking up a 1940s storm..

The belly needs to go!

C xxxxx

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