Top 10 iconic wartime austerity recipes

iconicrecipesIf I’d done a decent looking ‘Mock Duck’ I would have added that to the list but until I do, for fun I put together a ‘Top 10 Iconic Wartime Austerity Recipes’ list..

All the recipes have one thing in common, each portion costs less than 50p and is therefore very suitable for those of us who are financially challenged.

I’ve just found some more recipe pamphlets and the more I study wartime recipes the more I want to shout out their value from the rooftops for those of us who need to keep within a strict budget.



Please take a look at the list and feel free to share it around.

Thank you xxxx

One thought on “Top 10 iconic wartime austerity recipes

  1. All brilliant recipes which I have tried out in the past. Mock cream has been particularly useful. Brown Betty was always a good pud to use up stale bread when children were younger. Thanks for your list!


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