7 Day Wartime Food Diary – Day 7

rationing1A photo the Daily Mail took of my Lord Woolton Pie and other wartime treats I cooked last year

Well yesterday was my last final ‘7 Day Wartime Food Diary’ day. It involved a day of work and feeling tired because I just couldn’t sleep on Sunday night (despite my best efforts, about 3 hours) but managed an early night last night. This morning, as I’m writing this, it’s 3 am and I just HAD to weigh-in as the anticipation was killing me!

Weekly weigh-in: 267.8 lbs ( 19 st 1 lb )
Total weight-loss since May: 42.2 lbs (3 st 0.2 lbs )
Total weight-loss from my heaviest weight: 82.2 lbs

That’s EXACTLY 5 lbs off this week and exactly what I wanted. HAPPY!! That’s 5 lbs less to walk the marathon with and my clothes a smidgen loser and above all, one small step closer towards being a healthier person.

On that note, time to go back to bed for another hour or so if I can!

Thanks for all your encouragement and support and I do hope your journey’s this week have been good ones!

C xxx


Breakfast: Organic rolled oats with several prunes and soy milk (400 cals – 13 g protein)
Lunch: Leftover ‘Savoury Meat Pie’ (300 cals – 12 g protein)
Snacks: 3 large apples, a handful of raw nuts and a small egg free pancake my daughter made and 1 plain biscuit from Brittany brought in by a work colleague. (600 cals – protein 8 g)
Dinner: Leftover ‘Savoury Meat Pie’ again (now all gone!) with dark green cabbage, and gravy (400 cals – 14 g of protein)

TOTAL CALORIES 1700 ish – Protein 37 g ish


5 thoughts on “7 Day Wartime Food Diary – Day 7

    • Thank you Rose. I think it just perseverance, not giving up and just keep on trying even if everything goes horribly wrong. LOL xxxx

  1. Hello Carolyn, well done, really happy for you after all the hard work.
    P.s. my fat seems to have decided not to leave me at the moment but i’m working on it. Following your example.


    • Yes I think once a month I’ll do a daily diary for a week…it does concentrate the mind somewhat ….will also be doing new authentic recipes more regularly too and thanks 🙂 xx

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