My 1940’s outfit has been assembled but my dress doesn’t fit…


I’m really, really wanting to dress up in a simple vintage style for a 1940’s event this year as I’ve never done that before. I have my eye on the event I attend every year, the “On the Home-Front Weekend” at Rufford Abbey but there is one problem… despite my concerted efforts at weight loss and buying the biggest dress I could in a style I liked, my dress STILL DOESN’T FIT!!!

Well it does fit, if a breathe in but being the big girl I am, bending or twisting would probably mean a broken zipper and an embarrassing mountain of flesh spilling out.



I’ve even bought those huge black hold it all in knickers for apple shapes (but let me tell you that even those don’t even give me a hint of a waist). They are selling in Sainsbury’s for £8, my determination has no boundaries. I will try anything (except not eat food!).


I’m trying on my dress every other day at the moment, just to see if there is hope on the horizon.

I’ve been looking back on last years photos, at the mostly much slimmer ladies looking beautiful and wishing I’d knuckled down much, much sooner.


Moan over, if that’s all I’ve got to moan about in my life (which I can totally resolve with willpower and determination) then I am counting myself a very lucky lady.



C xxx

13 thoughts on “My 1940’s outfit has been assembled but my dress doesn’t fit…

  1. Oh boy, I can really relate to this post! I’ve got a lovely green 40s style shirtwaist dress that’s a size too small. I can get it on but it’s just too tight.
    Great you’ve got a goal to aim for though, that 40s event looks like fun.

  2. I bought myself a dress a little like that to go see Robbie Williams in Glasgow last summer on our family vacation to see the in-laws ( we’re in Newfoundland, canada) and it was only when i went to go get it that it that i realized it was still hanging in the closet!!!!!! So when we got back we decided well…. we’ll go out for a meal and a year later, no meal out and three dress sizes smaller my dress is now so big that “Make do and Mend” ain’t going to work!!!! lol i seemed to have lost a lot in my boobs lol

  3. Why not just buy yourself a 1940s corset to suck it all in! I had a lovely vintage wiggle dress I wore when I was 6 months pregnant…it only just got. I am dying to wear it again. That is my plan. Saw some super cheap ones on eBay with boning.

  4. Suggestions here depend on where the dress doesn’t fit. I’m guessing from what you say that the problem is the waist. If you can reduce the pressure above the waist then the dress won’t ride up and that may help. So try wearing a sports bra or something that makes you more compact up top. Failing that, is there any room in the seams to let the dress out where it is uncomfortable? Because even small adjustments to the seams might make a big difference.

  5. Thank you for all the positive suggestions and thoughts!! I am living in hope to squeeze into it for the day even though it will look tight! Will have to work hard to shift a few more pounds this coming week too xx

  6. I know how you feel. I cannot wear any of my vintage right now. I broke down and went to a weightloss clinic and have re-started the South Beach diet. It worked before after I had my babies. But getting older and moving to Texas, BBQ and Beer, I’ve gained 30 pounds. Its’ got to go. Your site is such an inspiration! You’ll get there!

    Beautiful ensemble 🙂

    ~ Tam Francis~

      • 18 more to go! You are such an inspiration. I seemed to have hit a plateau, but hope upping the exercise will help. I don’t think I can eat any less. LOL 🙂

  7. Hello,
    Congratulations! Well done, you!
    I am a writer and was doing research for my YA novel called The Comic Book War when I found your site. The book is set in 1943 Calgary, Alberta, Canada and required me to do some research into Canadian rationing. I talk to students across Canada about the amount of food allotted during the war and ask them to keep a food diary of just how much they eat, then ask if they could survive on war time rations. The kids are always gobsmacked at how little people lived on.
    When I found your blog on this very thing, I was so impressed, I wanted to send you my very best.

    Thank you for keeping the blog going. Truly inspirational.



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